All Deli/Sandwiches Restaurants near South Lake Union
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211 Fairview Ave N
South Lake Union


Salads! Evergreens makes them with produce that’s sourced “hyperlocally” in the “biggest bowls in town.” They have unfortunately cutesy names—“The Cobbsby Show…
1051 Thomas St.
South Lake Union

Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop

We’ll let Homegrown speak for itself: “Our goal at Homegrown is not only to create sandwiches out of sustainable ingredients but also to make sandwich creation…
208 Westlake Ave N
South Lake Union

Yellow Dot Cafe

This cafe offers bagels and breakfast sandwiches, salads, sandwiches, paninis, and wraps.
301 Westlake Ave N
South Lake Union

Meat & Bread

The South Lake Union location of Meat & Bread is the second Seattle outpost of the Vancouver, BC–based sandwich shop that inspires cult-like devotion. Meat & B…
400 Fairview Ave N
South Lake Union

Portage Bay Cafe

A tasty place to go for an all-American, local/organic/sustainable-focused breakfast or brunch, including cage-free eggs from Olympia, hams and sausages made i…
391 Terry Ave N
South Lake Union

Cafe An'Clair

This cafe offering a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, kale and Cobb salads, baked goods, coffee, and tea has popped up in the former space of the Elt…
826 Thomas St
South Lake Union
446 Terry Ave N
South Lake Union

The Berliner

Local guy Victor Twu became such a fan of the doner kebab—the Turkish version of a gyro, served on the street in Berlin—that he opened this doner shop in a spa…
428 Westlake Ave N
South Lake Union
414 Eighth Ave North
South Lake Union

The Wurst Place

The gnome on the logo holds only one sausage, but the Wurst Place has tons of different kinds, including elk, rabbit, and other assorted beasts. Also, 23 taps …
510 Westlake Ave N
South Lake Union

South Lake Café

Compass Cafe brings the tried-and-true formula of local/organic/sustainable sandwiches and salads to the very neato reincarnation of the Museum of History and …
860 Terry Ave N
South Lake Union

Grand Central Baking Company

Grand Central has been making high-quality, yummy bread and baked goods for a long, long time, and comes with a presidential seal of approval: Obama ate a turk…
1616 Eastlake Ave E
South Lake Union