Oh Bear Cafe & Teahouse

4708 11th Ave NE (Northeast Seattle)
Seattle, WA 98105

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(Courtesy of Oh Bear Cafe & Teahouse)
At the University District's new Oh Bear Cafe & Teahouse, you won't see any of the usual stylistic design choices of a Chinese joint: no paper lanterns, hand fans, dragons, Buddhas, or lucky cats with upright waving paws. Only teddy bears. Teddy bears everywhere. The cafe's signature sweet and savory crepes are even served in teddy-bear-shaped cardboard crepe holders. All of Oh Bear's culinary offerings look good on camera, from strawberry and chocolate mousse, to pork floss pineapple buns, to exquisitely (and sometimes adorably) decorated cakes. But it's the crepes that people are buzzing about. DAVID LEWIS

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