300 E Pike St (Capitol Hill)
Seattle, WA 98122
Mon-Fri 5 pm-10:30 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am-2 pm

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One of the best restaurants in Seattle, Stateside is consistently great, wearing its Vietnamese-French mash-up on its sleeve. The crispy duck fresh rolls are divine, the master stock crispy chicken rivals any other fried chicken in town (yes, Skillet, looking at you), and the tamarind beef and kohlrabi salad is a surprisingly delicate and interesting take on a dish you’ve had a million times and were unimpressed with. The cocktails are Vietnamese inspired—a Mekong Mule, anyone?—which might raise your eyebrows at appropriation of so-called “ethnic food,” but the drinks (like the food) are admittedly delicious. Not an inexpensive Capitol Hill outing. TRICIA ROMANO

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