Wayward Vegan Cafe

801 NE 65th St Suite C (University District)
Seattle, WA 98115
Daily 9 am-9 pm

COVID-19 Services & Policies

Call-ahead Ordering
Online Ordering
Phone Prepayment Available
Gift Cards
Walk-up Ordering
In-Person Payment with Credit Card
Online Prepayment Available

Delivery services: Caviar, Postmates

Pickup Process Features: Designated used and sanitized pen cups; no signatures required

Employee PPE Policies: "Gloves are required and masks are strongly encouraged and generally used. Also, staggered shifts, set schedules with same staff, constant sanitizing and contactless pickup, etc."
Upcoming Events
A conglomeration of like-minded businesses created a small universe of high-functioning idealism in the U-District, and here those who abstain from animal products can feast with abandon and all creatures of the world can live without fear. Wayward Vegan Cafe is the heart of this meat-free paradise, a beloved comfort-food dispensary specializing in greasy-spoon standards: ham and eggs, country-fried steak, and pulled-pork sandwiches, with all of the meat in quotes.

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