All Pub Grub Restaurants near Portland
415 SW Montgomery St.
Southwest Portland

Cheerful Tortoise

Presiding over a busy intersection in what feels like the epicenter of Portland State's urban campus, it's plainly obvious the Cheerful Tortoise doesn't have t…
1939 SW 6th Ave.
Southwest Portland
1811 SW River Dr. Ste 200
Southwest Portland

Suki's Bar & Grill

Suki's represents the best of so many drinking worlds. Like the seediest juke joints in these United States, it's plopped under a low-rent, side-of-the-freeway…
2401 SW 4th Ave.
Southwest Portland
1717 SW Park
Southwest Portland
1717 SW Park Ave.
Southwest Portland
1526 SW 10th Ave.
Southwest Portland
888 SW 5th Ave #2004
Southwest Portland
814 SW 1st
Southwest Portland

Yamhill Pub

The Yamhill Pub is a glorious shit crater. It's a hole, a mess, a fucking dive. The walls and floors and sundry surfaces are more graffiti-ed than not, and the…
223 SW Yamhill St.
Southwest Portland

Paddy's Bar & Grill

The food is textbook Irish pub fare, and the classic cocktails such as the Manhattan and old-fashioned are the Platonic ideals. Paddy's suggests that you are e…
65 SW Yamhill
Southwest Portland
340 SW Morrison, 3rd Floor
Southwest Portland
206 SW Morrison
Southwest Portland

Virginia Cafe

A steady, reliable stalwart that's been around for almost a century, the well-loved, well-trafficked VC is within easy walking distance of the Schnitz, the Kel…
820 SW 10th Ave.
Southwest Portland
529 SW 4th
Southwest Portland

MoMo Bar Maximo

You don't see maroon a lot these days, probably because it's all in MoMo. Crammed with everyone from downtown working stiffs to nervous first dates to earnest …
725 SW 10th Ave.
Southwest Portland

Kelly's Olympian

If someone were to make a Broadway musical about the Open Road and America, that Broadway musical would look a lot like Kelly's Olympian. The neon, the road si…
426 SW Washington
Southwest Portland
611 SW 10th Ave.
Southwest Portland

Portland Burger

Mon - Thurs 11 am-10 pm, Fri & Sat 11 am-midnight, Sun 11 am-8 pm
304 SW 2nd
Southwest Portland
(971) 242-8725

The Independent Sports Bar & Grill

A spacious sports bar located in Downtown Portland's Broadway Lights District, featuring stadium-style pub grub, cocktails, and Pacific NW-inspired beer taps.
225 SW Broadway
Southwest Portland
(503) 206-6745