Virtual Lecture: Head to Head—Edvard Munch, August Strindberg, and Photographic Self-Representation

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Thu Jan 14, 6 - 7 pm
This is an online event
"This lecture will focus on the relationship between Edvard Munch and August Strindberg, and each artist's engagement with photographic self-portraiture. This talk is presented by Linda Rugg, PhD, of UC Berkeley. 

In the fall of 1892, Edvard Munch and August Strindberg met for the first time. They encountered each other in Berlin and struck up an artistic alliance with the aim of launching what Strindberg called “the Scandinavian Renaissance.” Both men were engaged with a form of Modernism that worked on a new aesthetics, intended to depict the inner emotions and unconscious drives of human beings. To that end, they used themselves as experimental objects, writing autobiographies and fictional journals, creating self-portraits in photography and in paint. At moments, they seem to breach the boundary between Self and Other." (Promo Copy)

This is an online event