138 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: June 19-24, 2018

Evening Zoo, Ace Comic Con, TeaPetCon, and More Unusual Events
June 19, 2018
See celebrities like Tom Hiddleston at this weekend's Ace Comic Con. (Shutterstock.com)
Our arts critics have already recommended 72 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 45 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from Ace Comic Con to the Erotic Poetry Slam, and from National Pollinator Week to a Cephalopod Movie Night with Science Friday. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Little Brother's Body
In Drew David Combs' new play, two parents attempt to rebuild their family after their two children are killed in a car accident. A Frankenstein-esque experimental procedure results in the creation of Little Brother, who's forced to navigate "a minefield of gender, sex, and privilege."


2. Adrienne Celt: Invitation to a Bonfire
This novel portrays a young Soviet immigrant, Zoya Andropova, settled in New Jersey in the 1920s. Lonely and alienated, she pursues a romance with her idol, married Russian author Leo Orlov. Based in part on the life of Vladimir Nabokov and his wife, Vera.

3. The Common Acre and Town Hall Seattle present Seattle Pollinator Week Symposium
As part of Common Acre's series of Meet the Bees events during Pollinator Week, join entomology experts, urban farmers, conservationists, native plant growers, science teachers, and other stakeholders for an evening devoted to pollinators and their role in Puget Sound nature and agriculture.

4. Design in Depth 2018: Hello Seattle
This lecture series on urban planning will offer perspectives on the design of the changing city from architects and other professionals.

5. Heather Hansen: Wildfire
Heather Hansen will talk about her experiences embedding with Boulder wild land firefighters via her book Wildfire: On the Front Lines with Station 8.


6. Step, Step, SCOOP, Step - A Bal-Swing Ice Cream Social
In between ballroom and swing tunes from DJs Travis Whetman and Jose Tello, stuff your face with small-batch Lopez Island Creamery ice cream and drink beer, coffee, or ice cream cocktails (!).



7. The Grief Dialogues
Wesley Fruge will direct this play conceived by Elizabeth Coplan that urges audiences to examine the "rhetoric and stigma that often surrounds death." Vignettes by six different playwrights will dramatize this essential if oft-avoided aspect of human existence, and Carla Rose Fisher will sing.



8. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Says my source: "This musical, while it has all of the goods from the Disney movie, is not an adaptation of the Disney film. It stays more true to the book and is darker than the Disney film. This will be directed by Glenn Casale, who directed The Little Mermaid for us." In 2016 in Sacramento, deaf actor John McGinty played the role of Quasimodo—which was "the first time a deaf actor has played the role," according to the Sacramento Bee. Quasimodo is deaf. Deaf actor Joshua M. Castille will play the role in Seattle. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE



9. Stand Up for Pride
Stand-up comics Fortune Feimster (whom you may have seen in Office Christmas Party, Late Show with Seth Meyers, and Chelsea Lately) and Jessica Kirson will appear for a Seattle PrideFest fundraiser.


10. June Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk
Discover medicinal plants like St John's Wort, rose, late Douglas fir tips, black hawthorn berries, and other bounties that can be used for a variety of healing purposes.

11. Sonnet Stories Fundraiser Party
Drink, dance, and be merry in support of Washington Shakespeare Festival's forthcoming series of short films, Sonnet Stories, in which Shakespearean sonnets will be used as the dialogue in "new and diverse settings and plots imagined by Washington directors."


12. Tangelic Halo IPA Release Party
The fruit and veggie purveyors at Imperfect Produce helped make a summery, tangerine-infused Helles. Be the first to try it (at happy hour pricing) and meet the team who made it.


13. Coast 2 Coast LIVE
Seattle musicians will perform in front of celebrity judges in the "largest artist showcase in the world," which tours the country looking for rising stars across musical genres. The event also features workshops, DJ battles, a "model contest," and after-parties.

14. Leonard Cohen Koans
Experience something adjacent to Leonard Cohen's poetic lyricism and sexy gravelly voice at this homage performed by Australian vocalist Ali Hughes, accompanied by jazz/blues band the Thieves, and directed by Daryl Wallis.

15. Trashcan Sinatras
So roughly one-third of the songs on the Trashcan Sinatras’ new set, Wild Pendulum, sound like the apocalypse is upon us. One-third sound like the apocalypse is past, no time to run and hide, you either got lucky or got dead. And one-third sound like it’s rushing toward us, but you still have time to not only run and hide but squeeze in a little passion, a little intrigue, by golly. But the songs are not in the “right” order. So you figure out for yourself what they meant by scattering their puzzle pieces. They can still shout and pound and crack wise, though. Listen carefully, and they just might have a line to match their early benchmark: “I love your poetry/But I hate your poems!” ANDREW HAMLIN


16. Washington Rocks!
Join geology professor Nick Zentner, host of the KCTS9 show Nick on the Rocks, and local geologist Ben Stone as they discuss the geology underneath some of Washington's most popular crags.



17. RAW Artists Seattle Presents MAGNIFY featuring Garri Dadyan
It's another indie art/music/film/dance/fashion/etc. bash from the promoters at RAW. Armenian sculptor Garri Dadyan will be the special guest—he specializes in repoussé metalwork, which has been a hallmark of Armenian art since the Middle Ages.



18. ORIGINS: 22nd Seattle International Festival of Improv
True to its name, the festival welcomes improv players from Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Reunion Island, Sweden, Switzerland, and the good ol' USA. The theme will be "Origins"—going back to the beginnings of the art form.


19. Lady Windermere's Fan
A wife suspects her husband of cheating in Oscar Wilde's comedy about scandal, trust, gossip, and love.



20. Wild Horses
Allison Gregory's play is about a young woman remembering the summer that changed her overconfident adolescent self forever. Sheila Daniels will direct.

21. Bananas!
Feel fresh as a shot of rum at this Grease-inspired, Parisian-style cabaret show celebrating the hot(ish) Seattle weather.


22. Daily Vigils at Seattle ICE Office
Join the Community Alliance for Global Justice every morning outside Seattle's ICE offices to protest the Trump administration's inhumane family separation policy that leaves children without their parents at America's southern border.



23. 206 Q: Local Queer Artists Pride Kickoff
Seattle queer performing and visual artists (including Alda Agustiano, Senara Silver, Smitty Buckler, Elizabeth Schiffler, Julian Lepke, and many others) will share their art, music, dance, poetry, installations, and performances just in time for Pride weekend.


24. 2018 Bachelor Casting Call
If you're not here to make friends, but you are here to find love in a very public way, you might consider showing up to this casting call for the next season of The Bachelor.

25. Dog Days of Summer Muttmixer
Mingle with fellow dog enthusiasts over cocktails, take home swag bags, and welcome summer at CityDog Magazine's muttmixer.

26. Easy Polynésie
Bask in the sun on an outdoor patio and enjoy Stoup beers, Plantation Rum cocktails, a plate of whole roasted pig and salmon poisson cru, surf movies, and tropical sounds from Paces Lift & Friends. Your proceeds will help Washington Makah, Quileute, and Hoh tribal kids attend surf camp.

27. Evening Zoo
The zoo will stay open a little later so you can explore exhibits like the Molbak’s Butterfly Garden, the Tropical Rain Forest, and the Willawong Station without the sun beating down on your face. Plus, enjoy special presentations from and discovery stations in the North Meadow. There will also be food and beverages available for purchase, plus a beer and wine garden.

28. Get Tucked! Gender Affirmation Pride Party
Pick up tips for packing, tucking, binding, and more helpful cosmetic gender affirmation tools. You'll also get complimentary bubbly and free giveaways.

29. Meet the Bees Party
As part of Common Acre's series of Meet the Bees events during Pollinator Week, celebrate the release of WSU's Field Guide to Bees of Puget Sound by visiting an interactive exhibit where you can look at bees through microscopes, see actors portraying bees, dance to live music from Mike Gervais, and enjoy refreshments.

30. Swimming Holes of Washington: Perfect Places to Play
Get the lowdown on the best natural waters in which to take a summer dip in Washington.


31. Cephalopod Movie Night with Science Friday
Every year, Science Friday dedicates a week to celebrating cephalopods—a family of highly intelligent sea mollusks that includes squid, octopi, and nautiluses. In partnership with Atlas Obscura Society, they'll screen four short films dedicated to the tentacled geniuses.


32. Make Music Day
What began in France as the Fête de la Musique in 1982 is now a worldwide Summer Solstice tradition that spans 120 countries and 800 cities. In Seattle, participating local venues will host music lessons, drum circles, jam sessions, and more music-related activities for all ages and experience levels.

33. Tech Fair Seattle
Heads of hiring from Amazon, Zillow, Nike, Disney, SpaceX, and other giant tech corporations will convene in one place for a tech career fair.


34. Give Bees a Chance with Jackie Cross
As part of the Whole Kids Foundation's Give Bees a Chance Campaign for National Pollinator Week, Jackie Cross, the farmer-in-chief at Prosser Farm, will host a buzz-worthy interactive dinner at Hot Stove Society to educate guests about the importance of pollinators and raise funds for educational honey beehives for local Seattle schools.

35. Meet Me at Cone & Steiner: Chris Coburn of Seattle Pickle Co.
Meet Chris Coburn, the man behind the zesty local pickles of Seattle Pickle Co., for a conversation about pickles in the Pacific Northwest, followed by a Q&A and a tasting of his crunchy, briny wares.

36. Wine Procurement Party
If you're interested in meeting adoptable creatures from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue and picking up some wine in the same trip, this one's for you.


37. Gemini Summer Solstice Celebration
Geminis can gather to celebrate their birthdays and the coming of a new season. DJs Expert System, Tsairen, John F, and Levi Clark will spin vinyl.

38. Summer's Here, Let's Drink Beer
Celebrate the first day of summer by grooving to "progressive cocktail pop" from Lushy, sipping tiki cocktails, and singing karaoke.

39. War Hippy, Forrest Friends, Sleepwalkers Local, Sundowner Band, godtease, Ergoeg
LA-based noise duo War Hippy will play an experimental set after those of Forrest Friends, Sleepwalkers Local, Sundowner Band, godtease, and Ergoeg.


40. Neon Love: A Queer (R)evolution
This drag DayGlow tribute show celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, highlighting the "queer points of light that don’t fall along the axis grid." Your performers include Mercury Divine, Hugh Johnson, Britt Brutality, and others.


41. How to Dad: 6 Panelists' Perspectives
Longtime dads and expecting dads alike are invited to sit in on a panel of experienced father figures as they share parenting advice.

42. Inspired Seattle: Timothy Bardlavens
The Inspired Seattle series features local leaders across disciplines and backgrounds who are making a difference in the city. Microsoft's Timothy Bardlavens, a diversity advocate, will feature this time, and Gay City's Whitney Thoren will host.

43. Renee Simms: Meet Behind Mars
Welcome Renee Simms, who teaches African American Studies at the University of Puget Sound, for a reading of her first book of stories, which cover a variety of genres (realist, satirical, and "fabulist" according to novelist Dr. Asali Solomon) with African American characters.

44. Towards a Liberated (Un)imaginable: A Reading and Discussion with Su J. Sokol and Magpie Leibowitz
Montreal-based author Su J. Sokol and local writer Magpie Moira Leibowitz will read from their respective works and discuss the relationship between speculative fiction and activism.


45. Birdies and Brews
You won't find any live winged creatures here, but you will find plenty of local beer and virtual golf every month until December.



46. Laugh-Off
Once again, a last-comic-standing battle will rage. About 30 comedians will start the contest, and one will finish a champion. Celebrity judges and audience reactions will determine who passes the preliminaries and who becomes a finalist.

47. Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan
Welcome the stars of Super Troopers 2 for a goofy evening and insights into their new movie.


48. Cabaret
Travel back to the flourishing nightclubs of interwar Berlin as a British girl, an American man, and German pleasure-seekers drown in hedonism and fascism rises outside.

49. Journey West! The Legend of Lewis & Clark
This inclusively cast Copious Love production will not take kid gloves to the Lewis and Clark westward exploration, with "song, dance, and Sasquatch." They ask: "If history is written by the victors, then what does it look like through the lens of the disenfranchised? Who gets to tell their story vs. who gets their story told for them? …and who becomes a footnote?"

50. Marching in Gucci: Memoirs of a Well-Dressed AIDS Activist
Decorated artist Chad Goller-Sojourner (he's received an NEA grant, among other awards) will perform a live multimedia memoir about living through the AIDS crisis's most lethal years as a black gay man in New York City.

51. The Thunder from Down Under
Feast your eyes on the abdominal planes of the all-male Australian strip revue Thunder from Down Under.



52. Downstream Art Show
For a 21+ stop on your Ballard Night Out itinerary, check out ultra-strange art by Kyla Powers, Kate Lacour, Corinne Halbert, and Aaron Morgan.
Opening Thursday

53. Heidi Estey and Seth Goodkind: Memory Palaces
Drawn to vintage creepiness, non-human animals, and "the dark conflict between humanity and artifice"? Push/Pull artists Seth Goodking and Heidi Estey's "dysphoric portraiture" turns history on its head.
Opening Thursday

54. Kitty Party with Stasia Purrington
If you don't like cuteness and cat puns, this will not be your crowd. On the other hand, if you like "kitty-approved snacks" and "kitty-themed artwork," meet illustrator/fine artist/science fiction enthusiast Stasia Purrington and get acquainted with her versatile styles. The artwork will remain up for nearly a month after the opening party.
Opening Thursday

55. Rare and Elusive
New Orleans artist Magda Boreysza—joined by Megan Noel, Amanda Jorgenson, the Creeping Moon, Valerie Niemeyer, and other locals—will hang depictions of unusual, fantastical beasts.
Opening Thursday


56. Fairyfest
The Lakewood property will transform into a den of hidden fairy houses and treasures (which attendees will search for in a scavenger hunt), and will also host live music, dancing, and visual art that the fluttering and mischievous creatures would approve of.


57. Sabrina Fair
In 1950s Long Island, Sabrina Fairchild has just returned from five years of studying in Paris to find out if she is still in love with a young man named David Larrabee. David's cynical tycoon older brother, Linus, lays a trap to bring them together for his own amusement, and it works. Much drama ensues.


58. AVP Seattle Open
The AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour will come to Sammamish.



59. Air Sex Championships
Watching someone shred an imaginary guitar is fun, but not as much fun as watching someone have imaginary sex onstage, alone, with imaginary partners. That's exactly what you'll see at this kinky sporting event.


60. Celebrate Midsommar!
Celebrate a new season the Scandinavian way with a "midsommarbord" of various types of herring (followed by a traditional smörgåsbord) and a dance around the majstång. Skandia Kapell will provide live Nordic music.

61. Kick Hunger Challenge Celebrity Poker Event
Join local celebrities like Seattle Seahawks Jordan Babineaux and Walter Jones for a few rounds of poker, snacking on gourmet bites, sampling whiskey, and bidding in a silent auction in support of Food Lifeline.


62. Beers, Friends, and Food - On a Boat!
Board the Trek - The Adventure Ferry with a pal or two to relish in summery food and drink pairings concocted by Bread and Cicuses chef Syd Suntha (like Cambodian pork-stuffed chicken wings paired with the Out of Office hoppy pilsner, scallop ceviche paired with the Cucumber Crush sour ale, and prawns and grits paired with the Sinistor black ale). DJ Indica will spin.

63. Kirkland Summer Solstice Wine Walk
Kick off your weekend by meandering through downtown Kirkland in pursuit of wine, cider, and beer from local businesses.


64. Cypher 1000: All City High School MC Showcase
High school-aged MCs are invited to freestyle their two- to three- minute song over pre-made beats in front of celebrity judges.

65. Millennial Mix
Fleetwood Mac-focused tribute band Sweet Little Lies will devote an evening to tunes beloved by the average millennial.

66. Patitude, Stitch in Time
Pat Benatar tribute band Patitude promises to add an extra dose of "'80s style strut and swagger" to your favorite hits. They'll be joined by Montrose tribute band Stitch in Time.

67. Portland's Flying Guitar Circus
Portland blues guitarist Robbie Laws has recieved awards from the Portland Cascade Blues Association, the Washington Blues Society, and the Portland Music Association. Behold his skillful playing, and enjoy additional sets from Doug Rowell and Ty Curtis.

68. Rock for Refuge: A Benefit Concert for Refugee Women's Alliance
Folk-rock singer/songwriters Carrie Akre, Naomi Wachira, Brenda Xu, the Bonafides, and Prometheus Brown will donate the proceeds from their sets to the Refugee Women's Alliance.

69. Seattle Interprets Jobim
Seattle musicians will perform a tribute to Brazilian composer and pianist Tom Jobim (1927–1994) in celebration of his life's work during what would have been his 91st year. Artists for the evening include Gail Pettis, Adriana Giordano, Jacqueline Tabor, Marco de Carvalho, and many more.

70. Songs From The Great White North: A Canuck Cabaret with the Ward Trio
Enjoy jazzy renditions of popular songs by Canadian artists with the Ward Trio leading the way.


71. La Chambre de Valtesse
For an evening of "unapologetic indulgence," step into a chamber of "gilded walls, velvet chairs, roses, and chandeliers" for a formal burlesque show.

72. Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza: Milonga and Performances
Watch elegant, sensual tango by two of the dance's stars, performing for the first time ever in Seattle, and do your own salidas at the milonga. There will also be a wine tasting.

73. The Panel Jumper Live: Chapter VI
The multimedia Panel Jumper series takes you deep into the art of comic books and graphic novels. This iteration promises "nerd rock" by Kyle Stevens (Kirby Krackle), a talk with artist Lonnie Mann, a short play by Maggie Lee, a podcast recording with Perfect Bound Podcast, and sexy Tolkien-themed dance by Kir Royale and Olivia of the Stage.


74. William E. Glassley: A Wilder Time
Geologist William E. Glassley's new book relates his work on Greenland, where he and two colleagues traveled to test a theory about the ancientness of the process of plate tectonics. But this is not only a science book: Glassley delves into myth, nature, and the self.



75. Hiih Lights Pop-Up
Meet HiiH, the Lâm Quảng artistic team, and Kestrel Gates at this two-day pop-up art gallery, where they'll be showing floral lamps and lighted sculptures.



76. Ace Comic Con
Emerald City Comic Con was in March, but you have another chance to meet your superheroes: Tom Holland, Elizabeth Olsen, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Grant Gustin, and Tom Hiddleston are among the biggest guest names. And, of course, you'll have the chance to meet dozens of comic artists and pick up souvenirs, learn how to draw your own comics, and much more. So what's the difference between Ace and Comic Con? According to the organizers, Ace is an even more "curated and immersive" experience that provides the slightly more intimate setting of an arena, rather than a convention center.


77. Beat Science: Music in Motion
This show by the Alchemy Tap Project (headed by ex-Cirque du Soleil dancer Josh Scribner) is a minimalist exploration of rhythm through drumming (with sticks, on chairs, on boxes) and tap combined.

78. Here // Hear
Kris Wheeler has choreographed this dance to Ivory Smith's live singing.



79. Boozy Terrarium Making
Build a handmade glass terrarium filled with succulents, soil, charcoal, rocks, and moss. To get your creative juices flowing, you'll be offered a glass of craft beer or wine upon arrival (and you can buy more drinks throughout the evening, of course).

80. Happy Hour with Artist Uyen Tran-Gjerde
Uyen Tran-Gjerde layers the natural and unnatural worlds to create a neat aesthetic—girls have deer heads, colors and shapes float amid the foreground, everything is flat but still very much alive. Spend time with the artist and her work (and a drink or two).

81. Mill Creek Garden Tour and Artisan Market
Tour gardens in Cypress, Evergreen, Fairway, Juniper, River Crossing, and Scarborough, all of which will host an artisan market.


82. Shitty Men
In this meta comedy show, two shitty men take a "tour through the travails of rectal evacuation and toxic masculinity."


83. Bow Wow Meow Luau
Learn about pet adoption and meet over 100 adoptable cats and dogs looking for homes.

84. Freeway Park in Bloom
Gather at the park to appreciate its summer bounties and revel in free treats (like iced coffee, popsicles, and BBQ). They also promise "interactive botanical art," live bluegrass music by the Neighborhood Boys, outdoor games, and a tree tour.

85. Juneteenth Community Celebration
Join the NAACP Snohomish County for a potluck BBQ and outdoor games in celebration of Juneteenth.

86. Mrs. Washington America Pageant
This somewhat unusual pageant in Olympia is limited to the married women of Washington State.

87. Seattle Works Day
On Seattle Works Day, thousands of volunteers and local companies sign up to donate their time to over 50 nonprofit partner locations. Participants earn complimentary access to an after-party at Pyramid Alehouse.

88. Women of Color & Allies for Women of Color Candidates
Join OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund, the 7th congressional district's Pramila Jayapal, and over a dozen local women of color leaders to learn how to be a better ally for women of color citizens and political candidates.


89. Destiny City Comics & Arts Festival
Meet comics creators, including Sloane Leong (Prism Stalker), at this comics fest for indie zine vendors and other creative types.

90. Earwig Fest VI
Get ready to rock with Earwig Studio as they host their sixth annual Earwig Music Festival, with two stages and eight bands, including Hel Mary, Surf The Pines, the Riffbrokers, Suitcase, Guest Directors, Gentlemen of Leisure, Kiro Skiro, and Wes Sp8 & the Apollo Proxy.

91. KISW Presents Mens Room Redfestival
This testosterone-fueled event promises "boisterous behavior" and "over-the-top ridiculousness" by way of live music (from bands like Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage, the Glenn Cannon Blues Trio, and Woodshed), beer, freestyle motocross, bellydancing, and more.


92. Aperture
See new shorts by students of the Blanket Fort Films Motion Picture Program, which aims to boost people underrepresented in film. The movies include "Bad Theology," filmed at Black & Tan Hall and starring the amazing dancer Randy Ford and poet J Mase III as well as "Same Same But Different," co-created by Stranger designer L Fried. Hang out with the filmmakers afterward at the Cloud Room Bar.


93. Beyond Chèvre and Manchego: Goat and Sheep Cheeses
Sample an assortment of local and foreign goat and sheep cheeses and learn about their seasonality, how they differ from cow cheeses, and why they tend to be easier to digest.

94. Margarita Madness Party Cruise
Sip specialty margaritas, munch on appetizers, and play games aboard a fancy yacht.

95. Pioneer Square Rummage Sale and Ice Cream Social
Before they close for good on June 30, gift shop and craft cocktail bar E. Smith Mercantile will host their second annual good old-fashioned rummage sale with slashed-price items from various Pioneer Square retailers, along with drink specials and house-made ice cream sandwiches available for purchase. Items from Swan Dive, Velouria & Clementine's will be on sale, as well as pieces from E. Smith's remaining inventory.

96. Shrub-a-dub-dub: Cocktails (and Mocktails!) with Everyone's Favorite Drinking Vinegar
In this case, a shrub refers not to foliage but to the deliciously tangy drinking vinegar that's increasingly popular as a cocktail or mocktail mixer. Sip cocktails made with different flavors and methods and learn the history behind shrubs (originally conceived as a "punch-like drink" and later used as a way to preserve fruit during colonial times), then whip up your own custom batch in class using local berries and infusions.

97. TeaPetCon
Tea pets are clay figurines that some tea lovers keep on their tea tray for prosperity and pour tea over. This event reasons, "There are all kinds of conventions for people of like minds, so why not a convention for tea pets and the people who love them?" Tea pet owners will gather and tote their clay companions along, and if you're not already a proud tea pet owner, you can purchase one there.


98. 8th Annual Tribute to Bruce Cockburn
For eight years now, Egan's Jam House has hosted an annual tribute show to folk and jazz-influenced Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn. This year's show will feature performances by local heavyweights Rob Kneisler, Sonny Bill Glover, Shannon Beck, Kevin Jones, Robin McGillveray, and more, with proceeds from the door going to War Child International.

99. Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band
Parrothead patriarch and island lifer Jimmy Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band will return to Seattle for one night only to share his easy beach-folk jams with his millions of followers.

100. TALsounds, Matchesse, Nordra, somesurprises
Bask in the complex live works of TALsounds ("solo explorations in the drone, ambient, and electro-acoustic improv disciplines"), Matchesse ("compressed air beat buoyed by the sighs of strings"), Nordra ("dystopian soundtracks to make you feel"), and somesurprises ("nonverbal reverb motorik").


101. The End and Then...?
Join performer/composer Jay Hamilton for a series of seven "stories" in movement, two of which are accompanied by cello. They are called Death of a Mother, Out, in.ex, Equal Temperament, in not of, My Muse, and What to do.

102. Is It Just Me?
Follow the life of a young man from his childhood in a Pentecostal church to his turbulent self-discovery of gay sexuality, in a performance by Eric Lane Barnes boasting songs, puppets, and scenes. Before the play, enjoy musical performances by the LGBTQ choruses Diverse Harmony and Spectrum.

103. S O V E R E I G N
Hear a staged reading of a play about "witches, white sand, and white feminism" involving the uncovering of a Caboodle filled with a worn copy of Lord of the Flies, sheet music "for a regressive song you can't understand why choir teachers keep assigning," dried herbs bundled with friendship bracelets, a packet of printed livejournal posts, and three human teeth.

104. Stripped Screw Burlesque: Keep It Up!!
Watch the saucy ecdysiasts of Stripped Screw for their "9thish" anniversary as they raise money for the Burlesque Hall of Fame history organization.


105. Griot Party
Based on West Africa's tradition of traveling storytellers, this party will welcome Nikkita Oliver, Jamie Elmore, Tia Yarbrough, Vitamin D aka Derrick Brown, Logic Amen, Elijah Mu’ied, and Ibrahim Arsalan for an energetic night of tales and music.

106. Somali Family Safety Task Force - Baro Af Soomaali
Check out a Seattle community-created Somali alphabet book, Baro Af-Soomaali, and meet the families who crafted it.

107. What to Read in the Rain Book Release
Celebrate the release of the Bureau of Fearless Ideas' What to Read in the Rain, written by the students of the tutoring nonprofit as well as prominent local adults like Robert Lashley, Bharti Kirchner, David Schmader, Sarah Salvin, Tara Atkinson, and Lynn Brunelle. Hear readings, meet the authors, and pick up the volume for 20% off. Oh, and there'll be cake.


108. 5th Annual Sunride Hillclimb
This summer solstice version of the Willy Nilly bicycle ride very casually invites you to peddle at your leisure up to Mount Rainier's Sunrise Visitor Center, no registration required.

109. Climb Out of the Darkness
Walk a short paved loop to symbolically "rise out of the darkness of perinatal mental health crises and into the light of hope and recovery" with fellow parents and guardians.

110. Daybreaker: Love is Love
Start out your morning with a BurnMVMT with BurnCycle, then loosen up with a dance party with a live DJ at this Pride edition of Daybreaker. As always, they'll have free breakfast treats from Manitoba Harvest, cold brew, and juices.

111. Paddle Pog
Pogging, the act of picking up trash while you jog, is a sport that originated in Sweden (duh). Make the Nordic activity even weirder by getting on a paddle board and fishing out the garbage lurking beneath Green Lake's surface.


112. Puff & Paint
Get a little stoned and create a small painting to take home.



113. My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish, and I'm in Therapy
"One part lasagna, one part kreplach, and two parts Prozac": This comedy show by New Yorker Steve Solomon has something for all children of dysfunctional families.


114. Greenpeace Ship Tours
Join Greenpeace aboard the Arctic Sunrise to learn about life at sea as an environmental activist.

115. Orca Awareness Celebration
Orcas are unquestionably the signature whale of the Pacific Northwest. Learn about the marine mammals by taking a gander at a 20-foot-long inflatable replica of Granny, the world's oldest orca, discovering how the endangered species is impacted by ocean debris, and hearing why healthy salmon populations are so important to their survival.


116. Bellevue Strawberry Festival
Bellevue's annual community festival promises a strawberry shortcake eating contest, strawberry flats, chocolate covered strawberries, and other sweet treats, plus an auto show and a host of family activities.

117. Midsomer Festival
Visit Chaucer's England of 1376 (or the Camlann Medieval Village) for this summer festival, featuring summer games, singing and harping, games, puppets, magic, archery, sheep petting, minstrels, and more.

118. Shoreline Arts Festival
Browse an art market with more than 70 vendors, see dance and live music performances, peruse art and photography by adults and youth, and check out the "cultural rooms" offering knowledge, samples, and activities.

119. Slug Fest
After it rains, slugs abound in Pacific Northwest grasses and gardens. Why not celebrate their slimy presence? Take a tentacled tram, make slug crafts, and slide down a soapy track in a Human Slug Race. Plus, meet critters up close and take a photo by a giant slug statue.


120. The Tempest
The Primrose Players will tackle Shakespeare's rather weird final play (that is, the last play he alone wrote, according to scholars). Prospero, the ruler of a conquered island, shipwrecks his enemies and leaves them at his mercy, but his distant, godlike judgment is challenged when his daughter falls for one of the prisoners.



121. Onyx Fine Arts Collective 13th Annual Exhibit: Art 'n' Soul Opening Reception
The collective has gathered a collection of art by African-descended creators.

122. SAM and Seattle Art Community Video Screen
The SAM Research Libraries will serve up an evening of archival materials produced by or related to SAM and the Seattle art community over the years. Watch and stay on for a discussion with archivists and librarians.

123. West Seattle Garden Tour
Along with its generous views of the Sound and its fancy houses, West Seattle is also home to notably pretty gardens. Take tours of its lush spaces in support of the neighborhood's arts and horticulture programs.


124. Nudeprov
Nudeprov is just what is sounds like. Matt Hatfield and Michael Draper will do improv...in the buff. It's sweet and vulnerable rather than vulgar.


125. Mo-Wet Hot Tub Party
If you're indecisive about your water temperature preference, sit in a warm hot tub in a 20-minute boat tour of Lake Union. Afterwards, sit on the patio drinking Moet & Chandon drink specials and listening to a live DJ.


126. Dinner and a DJ - Volume 18: Meaty Johnson's BBQ & DJ 100 Proof
The Pioneer Square BBQ joint will provide the food while DJ 100 Proof provides the tunes.

127. Themed Sunday Brunch: Afternoon Delight
Spend a lazy Sunday reveling in a five-course brunch tasting menu paired with three specialty teas.


128. Build Paper Circuits and Love to Code!
Construct paper circuits and code using the Chibitronics Creative Coding Kit. You'll learn the basics of copper tape and circuit stickers needed to construct a book light, and then you'll draw pictures and tell stories using your creation.


129. Seattle Tap Jam
Jessie Sawyers invites tap dancers and fans alike to join her for a no-pressure night of click-clacking. No experience necessary.


130. A Night at the Forbidden City
The Shanghai Pearl will lead a cast of intergenerational Asian American artists from around the US, including cabaret singers, dancers, acrobats, and others.

131. Visual Musician & Friends
Visual Musician is Jessie Sawyers, who performs rhythmic tap dance along with the live music of her rotating backing band, pulling tracks from indie rock to jazz standards and everything in between.


132. Antifascists from London: A Conversation
Three Londoners will share their experiences with anti-fascist activism in the UK following the collapse of the Anti-Fascist Action platform. They'll also touch on the sucesses and shortcomings of other anti-fascist parties like No Platform and Antifa.

133. Author Talk: Bunnie Huang
Bunnie Huang, the author of The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware, will share details of his book that were "unfit for print" and answer your questions in a Q&A.

134. Erotic Poetry Slam
Afrodisiac presents their third annual Erotic Poetry Slam, which will feature more than poetry—they also promise dance, vocal performance, and visual art. And they include an important reminder: "Afrodisiac is designed to be a safe space for every gender, race and sexual identity. Afrodisiac is a place to celebrate the diverse sexualities of people of color. We are committed to exposing our audience to a variety of artistic erotic presentations, challenging classic views of sexuality towards tolerance at the very minimum and celebration at its most supreme!"

135. Extra Credit: A Search for Community with Aretha Sills
Subtitled "Viola Spolin, Paul Sills and the Origins of Improvisational Theater in America," this talk will focus on improv's roots in Progressive-era, democratic theater. Listen to this piece of history from the famed improvisor and teacher Viola Spolin's granddaughter.


136. 14th Annual Green Lake Open Water Swim
Cool off by swimming either a half-mile straight course or a one-mile oval course in this annual competitive race.

137. Coffee 5K
Get a free16 oz Americano, latte, or mocha after running a 5K around Everett.

138. Family Football Fest
Families can get special stadium access to the Seahawks locker room and Toyota Fan Deck, meet current and former Seahawks players and mascots, and more.

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