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The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Seattle This Weekend: Apr 26–28, 2024

Seattle Independent Bookstore Day, White Center Cambodian New Year Street Festival, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15
April 26, 2024
Charlie's Queer Books is participating in its first Seattle Independent Bookstore Day this year. (Seattle Independent Bookstore Day)
Don't know what you're doing this weekend? You will after skimming our weekend guide, which features low- and no-cost events from Seattle Independent Bookstore Day to the 21st Annual White Center Cambodian New Year Street Festival and from Seattle Boba Fest to the Creative Works Pop-Up Market + Flatstock 94. For more ideas, check out our guide to the top events of the week.

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Acid Tongue Live at Easy Street Records Past Event List
Fresh off the platformed heels of the release of their fourth album, Acid on the Dancefloor,glam rock wizards Acid Tongue will take over Easy Street with plenty of guitar licks, sweaty hair flips, drug-inspired lyrics, and, as former Stranger writer Jas Kemig once wrote, "enough energy to power a small car." If you're unfamiliar with the band, check out the video for the album's title track which is a psychedelic explosion of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. AV
(Easy Street Records, Junction, free)



Public Mending Fair Remind List
When I was in college, a boy who lived in my hall once brought a shirt with a missing button to the room I shared with another woman. He asked if we could help him sew it back on. I'm pretty sure he never said two words to us before, or after, this exchange. To avoid being that guy, I recommend bringing up to three articles of clothing that need to be repaired to this recurring public mending fair at Refugee Artisan Initiative's maker space. You'll get to watch and learn as an experienced artisan mends your clothing, from buttons to holes to hemming, as part of a project that reduces waste and develops life skills. SL
(RAI Maker's Space, Olympic Hills, free)

REI Presents: S’mores on the Shore Past Event List
There's something about the smell of a campfire that immediately sets me at ease. If you're looking for a cozy way to wind down a Saturday, head to Pier 62 for free s'mores, multiple fire pits, a cozy camping lounge, and giveaways from REI. I won't judge if you forego the chocolate and graham crackers and put the gooey marshmallow straight in your mouth. You can even bring the kids, just be prepared to scrub off the stickiness. SL
(Pier 62, Downtown, free)


Scarecrow Academy Presents Election Year: Politics on Film Past Event List
I am choosing not to think about the fact that it's an election year, but if you're jazzed for a showdown between two geriatrics, Scarecrow Academy has the online film conversation series for you! National Society of Film Critics member and Scarecrow Video "historian-programmer in residence" Robert Horton leads this series of free Zoom sessions, exploring "various approaches that great filmmakers take to the political process...from comedy to tragedy, from satire to fable, with directors ranging from Frank Capra to Spike Lee." LC
(Scarecrow Video, University District, free)

Stop Making Sense Past Event List
Calling it now: If you've seen Stop Making Sense, it's probably your favorite concert film. It's jangly and arty and all of the other words one might use to describe Talking Heads's catalog, and David wears the suit. Not feeling the Byrne? Listen, I know watching a concert movie for a band you don't listen to sounds like hell, but this one might be an exception. If you haven't seen it yet, anticipate looking back on the experience with a funny fondness later, like a good birthday party or the first time you smoked weed. Jonathan Demme (yes, the guy who went on to make The Silence of the Lambs) recorded all of the concert footage over the course of three days at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre in 1983, during the height of the Heads' visionary fame. It's screening in a new restoration, so prep for a "once in a lifetime" experience. LC
(SIFF Cinema Egyptian, Capitol Hill, $14.50-$15.50)


21st Annual White Center Cambodian New Year Street Festival Past Event List
White Center is home to one of our state's largest Cambodian communities—each year, they celebrate Cambodian New Year at the end of the harvest season. During this street festival, the day will start with a monk's blessing, guest speakers and poets, and roban, a classical Khmer blessing dance. Stick around for an open dance floor, traditional games, and a bok lahong (green papaya salad) contest. SL
(SW 98th St (Between 15th & 16th Ave SW), White Center, free)


Seattle Boba Fest Past Event List
Alexa, play Chris Fleming's "Boba Manifesto." The U-District is hosting its third annual Seattle Boba Fest in honor of National Bubble Tea Day. Grab a fat straw and get your fill of slurpable, chewy, tapioca-studded specials at participating businesses across the neighborhood, including Boba Up, Cafe Canuc, Don't Yell at Me, Oasis Tea Zone, Mee Sum Pastry, Oh Bear Cafe & Teahouse, Sip House, Sweet Alchemy Ice Cream, and more. JB
(Various locations, free)


Chris Cornell Tribute Past Event List
Seattle musicians including rock quartet Rain Light Fade, grunge tribute group Outshined, and more will honor late grunge frontman and hometown hero Chris Cornell with an evening of covers from his bands Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog. All proceeds will benefit NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). AV
(High Dive, Fremont, $15-$20)

Claire Rousay with Ann Annie Past Event List
On her latest album, sentiment, Claire Rousay contrasts her diaristic lyrics about loneliness, nostalgia, sentimentality, guilt, and sex with robotic vocal filters and lavish drones. Despite the electronic production, the emotion in Rousay's voice seeps through the effects, spurring a strong sense of desire to connect to the listener. She will support the album alongside the Portland-based ambient project Anne Annie. AV
(Fremont Abbey Arts Center, Fremont, $15-$20)


Taylor’s Version: The Tortured Poets Department Edition Past Event List
All's fair in love and poetry. Join your fellow Swifties as they congregate in honor of Taylor's eleventh album, The Tortured Poets Department, for a listening party that includes drag performances. Given the album's Reputation-esque synth-centric breakup bops, expect to do plenty of cathartic dance-crying at this one, folks. Bonus points if you show up in Clara Bow-style makeup (à la the "Fortnight" visuals). AV
(Neumos, Capitol Hill, $10)


Seattle Independent Bookstore Day 2024 Past Event List
The only way Seattle can possibly keep enjoying a wide variety of excellent, engaged, helpful independent bookstores is to support them, love them, and buy as many books as we possibly can from them—and not Jeff Bezos, even if his company offers convenient delivery. Seattle Independent Bookstore Day gives you a perfect excuse to visit your favorite shops, stock up on new releases and old classics, and maybe even meet some local authors and/or get some sweet swag.
(Various locations, free)



Upper Left Comedy Festival 2024 Past Event List
Upper Left Comedy Fest will return for its third year with three days of solid stand-up acts and after-parties for laugh addicts. The buzzy festival showcases some of the best in local and national talent, including side-splitters and audience faves like Monica Nevi, Timmy Booth, Juno Men, and Vanessa Dawn. You'll find gigs at Here-After and the Rendezvous, so head out for guaranteed giggles. LC
(Various locations, Individual Tickets $15-25, Passes $75-250, Friday-Saturday)


Solidarity Now! 1968 Poor People’s Campaign Past Event List
An often-overlooked 1968 social justice movement confronted poverty head-on and reimagined American activism, but you've probably never heard of it. The Smithsonian's traveling exhibition Solidarity Now! 1968 Poor People’s Campaign looks closely at the nearly six-week-long protest, which took place in a constructed "Resurrection City" in DC and drew attention to the impact of poverty on Americans. Everyone from rural Appalachians to residents of Puerto Rico and Native communities showed up for demonstrations and demands for jobs, living wages, access to health care, and more. Organized by Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy, the Poor People's Campaign was the "first large-scale, nationally organized demonstration to take place after King’s death." Head to this exhibition to learn more about it through photographs, oral histories, and political ephemera. LC
(Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, $0-$14, Friday-Sunday; closing)


Bruceploitation Bonanza! Past Event List
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." Local legend Bruce Lee's most entertaining flicks (The Dragon Lives Again, The Clones of Bruce Lee, and Two on The Road), also known as Bruceploitation films, will screen at Grand Illusion as part of its Kung Fu Clubhouse series. The theater's Bruceploitation Bonanza celebrates the newly released documentary Enter the Clones of Bruce, which "dives deep into the Bruceploitation craze that exploded in the immediate wake of Bruce Lee’s death." (Not enough Bruce for you? Head to Wing Luke Museum's ongoing exhibition, Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee.) LC
(Grand Illusion, University District, Saturday-Sunday)

Civil War Past Event List
Alex Garland's latest, Civil War, is A24's most expensive in-house production to date, following a group of military-embedded journos headed to DC "before rebel factions descend upon the White House." Honestly, I'm wary of how he'll handle this one, although Garland's work does tend to thrive in dystopian settings. But Kristen Dunst stars as a photojournalist, which is reason enough to watch. Also, Garland may or may not be retiring from directing ("I’m going to take a break for the foreseeable future," he clarified recently), so if you're a fan of the filmmaker behind Annihilation and Men, you should plan to let his new one marinate. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, $14.50 - $15.50, Friday-Sunday)

I Like Movies Past Event List
A socially awkward 17-year-old cinephile who dreams of attending NYU gets a job at a video store in the early aughts. (I'm rooting for him already.) Things get complicated when he forms a friendship with his older female manager. I Like Movies is the debut feature film by Chandler Levack, a Canadian writer and filmmaker, and seems like a solid bet if you dug Funny Pages and Lady Bird. LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, $7-$14, Friday-Sunday)

The People's Joker Past Event List
In many ways, the true diva of The People's Joker has been Warner Bros. Discovery. The massive media giant sent a letter that shut down all but the premiere screening of the indie comedy spoof at Toronto International Film Festival in 2022. Those who have seen The People's Joker—co-written and directed by comedian Vera Drew—say it's as much or more a trans coming of age story than a DC Comics-inspired satire, but we must admit the chance to see Maria Bamford as a (nude?) Lex Luthor-like Lorne Michaels, Tim Heidecker as an Alex Jones-adjacent political chaos personality, and Bob Odenkirk as Bob the Goon is certainly a draw. PORTLAND MERCURY ARTS EDITOR SUZETTE SMITH
(The Beacon, Columbia City, $12.50, Friday-Sunday)


Creative Works Pop-Up Market + Flatstock 94 Past Event List
Creative Works brings a three-day conference highlighting creativity and community to the Cornish Playhouse, but don't fret if you're not paying the ticket price to attend: they're hosting a curated pop-up market that's free and open to the public. Shop the creations of over 50 designers and makers for handmade clothes, prints, and pins and don't forget to explore Flatstock 94 (I've loved flipping through those bins of concert posters for as long as I can remember). SL
(Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center, Uptown, free, Friday-Saturday)

Native Art Market Past Event List
Every spring, I get antsy to clean and redecorate my living space. If you too feel this way, I vote we choose to forgo CB2 in favor of picking up art from local Native vendors. This market also falls just two weeks before Mother's Day and is the perfect opportunity to check "getting a unique and meaningful gift" off your to-do list. The food trucks for the event have yet to be announced, but I'm hoping for some delicious frybread. SL
(Duwamish Longhouse, North Delridge, free, Saturday-Sunday)


12th Annual RARE: Recycled Arts & Resource Expo Past Event List
Allied Arts will celebrate all things artistic reuse at their 12th annual Recycled Arts Resource Expo, which will include an eco-friendly juried art exhibition, on-site art organizations, and creative idea-sharing. Drop by to learn more about how you can live a more sustainable, but still creative, life. Attendees can also pop by Allied Arts's thrift store for recycled supplies. LC
(Allied Arts, Central Business District, free, Friday-Saturday)

Dolls of Gratitude: A Community Art Collaboration Remind List
This community-based project was conceived in collaboration with the Frye Art Museum, local artist Ixtli White Hawk, arts nonprofit Path with Art, and other social service partners. At art-making parties led by White Hawk earlier this year, participants created dolls with repurposed fabrics and recycled materials; the project aimed to "showcase the project’s mission to encourage positive self-reflection and honor the artist within us all." Visitors can view the multimedia dolls at this sweet exhibit. LC
(Frye Art Museum, First Hill, free, Friday-Sunday)

I, Chrysalis, Open at the Close: Sebastian Loo Past Event List
LA-based painter Sebastian Loo creates ink and color compositions on rice paper for I, Chrysalis, Open at the Close, which he describes as a "hyper-personal" exhibition. That descriptor makes sense—Loo's work blends a system of symbols with Buddhist and Christian aesthetics to draw parallels between his own life and "the transitional site of the chrysalis." We're talking mortal impermanence here, so get on board! Loo's process includes pointillism, paper cutouts, and collage approaches, and the results are a blast to observe. (I'm partial to Flying or Falling: bb Luci and friends to Daoist canyons, embracing suffering and acknowledging faults for the purpose of growth?) LC
(SOIL, Pioneer Square, free, Friday-Saturday; closing)

Jessica Jackson Hutchins: Wrecked and Righteous Past Event List
If you're already familiar with the Portland art scene, you've likely heard the name "Jessica Jackson Hutchins" float around. Jackson Hutchins's tactile works transform everyday objects into art forms that are both intimately familiar and reverently heightened, and her ambitious, raw, playful style, which runs the gamut from massive sculptural installations to clothing pieces, is easily recognizable. The artist often employs castoff household objects to create her earth-toned, figurative, and vessel-like forms; in 2016, her process expanded to include collage-like window pieces in fused glass, some of which you'll see in Jessica Jackson Hutchins: Wrecked and Righteous. The exhibition surveys the last 30-ish years of her career in a nonchronological presentation of furniture pieces, relief paintings, and more, plus "wearable food vessels" that will be activated during a special performance. LC
(Frye Art Museum, First Hill, free, Friday-Sunday)

Manifestations by June Sekiguchi Past Event List
June Sekiguchi's scroll-cut woodworking method makes her pattern-based sculptures and large-scale installations a very loopy experience. Addressing "cultural identity, cross-cultural exchange, and personal narratives through an interplay of surface pattern and structural form," Sekiguchi's latest show emphasizes her metaphorical approach and honors her source materials. (I'm stoked for her big, glowy hanging bug, Silkpunk Grasshopper Leg Transport.) LC
(King Street Station, SoDo, free, Friday-Saturday)

Martine Gutierrez: Monsen Photography Lecture Remind List
Transdisciplinary artist Martine Gutierrez creates twists on pop culture tropes through elaborate narrative scenes. Using a wide range of mediums connected to mass media, from music videos to billboard campaigns and satirical fashion magazines, Gutierrez explores constructions of self and their own multicultural, first-generation identity as an artist of Indigenous descent. This presentation of Gutierrez's work was organized in conjunction with their upcoming Monsen Photography Lecture, an annual talk that brings key makers and thinkers in photographic practice to the Henry. LC
(Henry Art Gallery, University District, $0–20 suggested donation, Friday-Sunday)

Shine On Seattle Past Event List
Light lovers LUSIO and the Downtown Seattle Association have lit up Pioneer Square for Shine On Seattle, a luminous public art installation. From March 1 to April 30, visitors can take a walking tour of “dazzling exhibits that will illuminate window storefronts, parks, and other outdoor spaces” in the area. LC
(Pioneer Square, Pioneer Square, free, Friday-Sunday)

Whispers of the Veiled Melody - Nasim Moghadam and Kiana Honarmand Past Event List
Exploring the diversity of SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African)experience, SOIL's latest exhibition showcases video projections, sculptures, and vinyl installations.Whispers of the Veiled Melody features works by Iranian artists Nasim Moghadam and Kiana Honarmand, whose multimedia approaches blend memories and sociocultural influences to reflect on the distinctions of their identities and heritages. (Moghadam's award-winning works focus on "hyphenated identity, as well as the constraints on women, their bodies, and their voices," while Honarmand contemplates "the complexities of her cultural identity, the violation of women's rights in Iran, and the Western perception of the SWANA identity.") LC
(SOIL, Pioneer Square, free, Friday-Saturday; closing)

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