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16 Places to Drink Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Seattle for Dry January 2020

Cortina, Carlile Room, and More Places to Go for Zero-Proof Sips
January 15, 2020
This month, you can take advantage of non-alcoholic drinks at Cortina, created in collaboration with DRY Soda for Dry January. (Ethan Stowell Restaurants via Instagram)
Looking to decrease your alcohol consumption for January? We've compiled a handy list of places to find mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages around Seattle so you can quench your thirst. For more ideas, check out our list of food and drink specials to try in January, our guide to places to drink unique hot chocolate, and our full food and drink calendar.

Carlile Room
The "booze-free" menu at Tom Douglas's swanky lounge includes a house ginger ale, kombucha on tap, a "shrub du jour," the "party in pink mocktail," "fancy root beer," sodas, and sparkling or still water.

Cleen Craft
If you're avoiding alcohol but not cannabis products this month, this Belltown bar specializes in artisanal sparkling water laced with CBD for a calming effect. Though traditional cocktails are available, there's a selection of mocktails, too, like the "Garden Spritz" (CBD lime soda with cucumber, rosemary, and mint) and the "Jitterbug" (CBD cola with espresso, cinnamon, clove, and honey).

Deep Dive
Descend into the depths of the Amazon Spheres and treat yourself to one of this bar's fancy alcohol-free cocktails, which include an old fashioned, a Manhattan, a Negroni, a "piña fauxlada," a chai gimlet, a cranberry sour, and a pineapple mule, all made with different variations of Seedlip, a distilled non-alcoholic spirit. There's also non-alcoholic beer.
South Lake Union

Dumpling Tzar
Enjoy a shrub-based mocktail along with a pile of doughy Russian dumplings.
Capitol Hill

DRY January
The local botanical-bubbly-soda purveyors at DRY Soda have teamed up with 25 Seattle bars and restaurants (including the restaurants of Ethan Stowell, Tom Douglas, and Thierry Rautureau) to provide interesting zero-proof drink specials this month for DRY January. They've also partnered with Columbia Distributing to make non-alcoholic options more plentiful across the city.
Various locations

Eight Row
This locally focused restaurant serves a seasonal selection of house-made sodas and shrubs, including a pineapple Szechuan soda.
Green Lake

Fog Room
At this downtown rooftop bar, you can gaze at the lofty views of the waterfront while nursing a "spirit-free" specialty cocktail, including the "Ironic" (grapefruit, passionfruit, lime, cinnamon syrup, orgeat, and mint), the "Galileo" (salted lemon-lime cordial, ginger syrup, and soda water), and the "Sodajerk" (pineapple turmeric white peppercorn shrub and soda water).

Chef Mutsuko Soma's pint-sized Fremont soba restaurant has a trio of house-made sodas, including ginger lemongrass, strawberry rhubarb, and hibiscus red shiso grapefruit.

The "sans alcool" options at this cheeky, charming French bistro include "le bergamot" (citrus cordial, bergamot, and tonic), "le squirt" (grapefruit, lemon, pink peppercorn, and cinnamon), "amoxicillin" (lemon, honey, ginger, and peated barley), "petit tomate" (grenadine, lemon, and tonic), and Badoit, a sparkling mineral water from the Loire Valley. For those who miss the refreshing bitterness of a Negroni, there's also Sanbitter, a virgin Campari soda.
Central District

Life on Mars
Not only can you abstain from meat with this Capitol Hill bar's all-vegan menu, you can also abstain from booze with their non-alcoholic drinks made with Pok Pok chef Andy Ricker's Som line of Thai-inspired drinking vinegars: "Tiki Night" (berry shrub, coconut, and lime) and the "110 Thai" (Thai basil shrub, lime, and tonic).
Capitol Hill

Navy Strength
This award-winning tiki cocktail bar has some non-alcoholic drink specials for January, such as the "Hollow Trance," a non-alcoholic daiquiri that promises "full flavor, no booze" (Seedlip Spice, fresh coconut water, citrus, and cinnamon), and the "Grace O'Malley" (blueberry falernum syrup, kalamansi, coconut cream, and spices). As they put it: "Someone's gotta captain the ship!"

Oddfellows Cafe
The perpetually bustling Capitol Hill cafe has plenty of non-alcoholic options, including Crodino Italian bitter soda, Sanbitter aperitivo soda, rosemary lemonade, and a selection of flavorful house-made sodas (turmeric pineapple, rosemary lemon, and raspberry pomegranate).
Capitol Hill

Palace Kitchen
Linger over this Tom Douglas classic's "house non-alcoholic fizzy drank," composed of apple ginger syrup, mint, lemonade, and soda.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer
With flavors like blood orange, pink guava, caramelized pineapple, and passion orange guava (the current seasonal special), the spicy-sweet soda purveyor's bar is the perfect place to grab a refreshing non-alcoholic sip, especially paired with a spicy fried chicken sandwich from Ma'ono.
Various locations

The Royal Room
No need to miss out on your favorite drinks while checking out a show at the Columbia City venue: With non-alcoholic options like the Florida Greyhound (fresh grapefruit juice with a splash of Sprite, soda, and an orange twist), the Perfect Storm (house-made ginger limeade with a splash of Coca Cola), and the Magda Rita (limeade, hibiscus syrup, and soda), you can enjoy familiar flavors minus the spirits.
Columbia City

This dark, sexy, old-school lounge known for its excellent cocktails has a menu of mocktails and will even concoct a "bartender's choice" mocktail for you based on your preferences.
First Hill