Swipeless in Seattle: How to Live Without a Smartphone

This event is in the past
Thurs Dec 5, 2019, 6 pm
General Assembly Pike Pine Retail Core (Seattle)
Life without iPhones is possible, even in a city like Seattle, where the mandatory uniform is earbuds and a lack of eye contact because you’re staring at your device while you walk across the road. Or at least, that’s what 13-year flip-phone veteran Michael Valeri says, and that an app-free life is not just possible, but can even be fulfilling. During this free General Assembly presentation, Valeri offers tips and tricks on how to get by without Lyft, Uber, Car2Go, LimeBike, OneBusAway, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GPS, and all the rest. As to how to get by without Slog? That’s just not possible. by Katie Herzog

General Assembly

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