All Dim Sum Restaurants near Seattle

Insomnia Cookies

A Philadelphia-based chain called Insomnia Cookies, which offers nighttime delivery and late-night hours to sate nocturnal cookie cravings, is set to open a lo…
2224 First Ave

Ping's Dumpling House

Our friend Erika, who is a legit China scholar and has lived over there for longish stretches and also is a great cook of Chinese food herself, says, "I am a b…
508 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Henry's Taiwan Plus

The stinky tofu is just as stinky (and delicious) here as at Rocking Wok, both owned by the Henry of the restaurant's name. Come for the tofu, stay for the fri…
504 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

House of Hong

Dim sum joint also featuring a stage where performances are put on during major events and holidays.
409 Eighth Ave
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Jade Garden

Some say Jade Garden makes Seattle’s best dim sum, and they just might be right. It’s big and bright and loud and always crowded—expect to wait on weekends at …
424 Seventh Ave S
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Hong Kong Bistro

A Chinese restaurant with dim sum, pan-fried noodles, and hot pots. Try the lobster over sticky rice and a mango freeze smoothie--better than any bubble tea yo…
507 Maynard Ave S, Ste 511C
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Purple Dot Cafe

Well-loved dim sum spot serving up the classics. Try the black pepper steak with rice or the baked spaghetti.
515 Maynard Ave S
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Honey Court

Dim sum and seafood place open until the wee hours, serving goods like shumai, entire lobsters, sizzling rice soup, and salt-and-pepper squid.
516 Maynard Ave S
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Harbor City

If the line is too long at Jade Garden, mosey over to Harbor City, where the dim sum staples are more or less exactly the same. When the servers roll those ste…
707 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District
(206) 621-2228

Duk Li Dim Sum

Duk Li does not make the best dim sum in Seattle—that you will find at Jade Garden and Monsoon (the latter is more expensive, but a thousand percent less frant…
664 S Weller St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Ocean Star

Formerly Sun Ya, Ocean Star carries on the delicious tradition of dim sum and good Chinese food, offering classics such as walnut shrimp, egg tarts, and fresh …
605 Seventh Ave S
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Northwest Tofu

Besides making tofu and soy milk in-house, Northwest Tofu serves very good dim sum—cooked to order instead of off a cart—in their small dining room every day. …
1913 S Jackson St
Central District

Dim Sum House

The dim sum at this small, nondescript Beacon Hill spot is cooked to order instead of from carts, which might be less fun, but they make it quick and it comes …
4860 Beacon Ave S
Greater Duwamish

Bamboo Village

Right near that grazillion-way stoplight where Wallingford meets Green Lake at 50th, Bamboo Village serves dim sum every day as well as Cantonese and Mandarin …
4900 Stone Way N

Joy Palace

Some claim that the dim sum at cavernous Joy Palace is the best in Seattle, rivaling Jade Garden; it's at least easier to get a table at weekend brunchtime.
6030 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S
Rainier Valley

Chiang's Gourmet

Chiang’s has four menus: an Americanized Chinese menu, with all the usual suspects; a traditional Chinese menu, full of authentic dishes that you probably didn…
7845 Lake City Way NE
Northeast Seattle

Foo Lam

Foo Lam serves excellent dim sum daily. I especially love the deep-fried taro nests—crunchy, frizzled outer shells that split open to reveal a custardy, lavend…
7101 Martin Luther King Jr Way S
New Holly

Top Gun

Some say Top Gun's dim sum is great; others, predictably, say it's just pretty good for the area, maybe not necessarily better than, say, Jade Garden in Seattl…
12450 SE 38th St
13200 NE 20th St

The Great Fortune

Hong Kong Szechuan-style restaurant with dim sum served 7 days a week.
1644 140th Ave NE
(425) 641-6011