All Chinese Restaurants near Seattle

Lotus Asian Kitchen & Lounge

Across from Vito’s—where the First Hill Bar & Grill finally retired after 34 glorious, divey years—Lotus is brought to us by Ridgley Kuang, owner of Green Leaf…
901 Madison St
First Hill

Dough Zone Dumpling House

Dough Zone specializes in juicy Chinese dumplings like xiao long bao (tender little meatballs and a puddle of broth encased in a delicate wrapper), q-bao (fat,…
815 Pine St
Pike Pine Retail Core


The wildly popular hot pot chain HaiDiLao has opened a location in Seattle's Pacific Place—the first U.S. location outside California. In addition to its Sichu…
600 Pine St
Pike Pine Retail Core

Din Tai Fung

People love this Taiwanese franchise for its soup dumplings.
600 Pine St #403
Pike Pine Retail Core

Qin Xi'an Food

Edmonds’ Qin brings their raved-about, hand-pulled biang biang noodles (named for the onomatopoeia of the sound of the noodles being slapped on the counter as …
1203 Pine St
Capitol Hill
(206) 332-0220

Xi'an Noodles

Beloved no-frills noodle destination Xi'an Noodles, which has gained a loyal following in University District for its hand-pulled biang-biang noodles, has open…
400 Pine St
Pike Pine Retail Core
1422 First Ave
Pike Place Market

Midori Teriyaki

This downtown teriyaki joint purveys dishes like crispy chicken, General Tso's, short ribs, grilled salmon, and more.
1120 Howell St
1416 Harvard Ave
Capitol Hill

Mee Sum Pastry

Pike Place Market is a jewel box, and Mee Sum Pastry is my favorite gem. The small take-out-only shop sells cheap Chinese eats: barbecue pork sticks, crab rang…
1526 Pike Pl
Pike Place Market

Betsutenjin Ramen

A ramen spot popular for its bone broth and green tea mochi waffles, among other things.
954 East Union St
Capitol Hill

Country Dough

A meal at Cheng Biao Yang’s tiny sliver of Pike Place Market involves a cascading set of choices. Do you want a crunchy grilled flatbread sandwich? Or the thic…
1916 Pike Place #14
Pike Place Market
81 Yesler Way
Pioneer Square

Ba Bar

You can get yourself fed—with the one of the city’s best bowls of pho, no less—from the morning till the wee hours at this stylish Vietnamese mini-chain, with …
550 12th Ave
Central District

New Star Seafood Restaurant

Although the name implies it does seafood (and it does--very well), there's more to New Star than creatures of the ocean. If you want something different, cons…
516 S Jackson St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Black Bamboo

Where dive-bar-supreme Kelly's used to be, Black Bamboo makes Chinese food that is reportedly pretty good.
2236 3rd Ave

Chengdu Memory

This elegant new Sichuanese restaurant serving hot pots is now open in the former space of Chinese-Korean eatery Red Lantern. Guests can choose from among five…
520 S Jackson St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Pacific Cafe Hong Kong Kitchen

Head to the ID's Pacific Cafe for Hong Kong-style dishes that we promise you won't be able to find anywhere else in the city. Here are a few examples: chicken …
416 5th Ave S
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Ping's Dumpling House

Our friend Erika, who is a legit China scholar and has lived over there for longish stretches and also is a great cook of Chinese food herself, says, "I am a b…
508 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Henry's Taiwan Plus

The stinky tofu is just as stinky (and delicious) here as at Rocking Wok, both owned by the Henry of the restaurant's name. Come for the tofu, stay for the fri…
504 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District