All Korean Restaurants near Seattle
405 Union St
Pike Pine Retail Core
600 Pine St
Pike Pine Retail Core

Meet Korean BBQ

This upscale Korean BBQ restaurant called Meet Korean BBQ, from the owner of Chan and Bacco Cafe focuses on premium meats like wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork. Th…
500 E Pike St
Capitol Hill
1418 1st Ave
Pike Place Market
803 E Pike St
Capitol Hill
(206) 726-7610

H Mart

The Korean grocery giant now has a location near Pike Place, selling produce, meat, seafood, booze, and prepared grab-and-go food.
1601 Second Avenue
Pike Place Market


According to a sign posted in their window, the highly anticipated First Hill location (and first-ever Washington location) of the popular South Korea-based fr…
550 Broadway
Downtown Seattle

Pelicana Chicken

The South Korean fried chicken chain Pelicana Chicken is set to open a location inside the the former space of the longtime sports bar Bill's Off Broadway…
725 E Pine St
Capitol Hill


Don’t let its hole-in-the-wall size and counter-top serving style fool you; the flavors are on point at Bibimbap. Though offerings include teriyaki, noodle bow…
95 Marion St
Downtown Seattle


Korean-born chef and entrepreneur Heong Soon Park split his Pike Place Market brunch spot Bacco Cafe into two parts to make Chan (pronounced "chahn," it mean…
86 Pine St
Pike Place Market


Downtown’s Marination is the fifth Hawaiian-influenced venture from Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison, the women behind the Marination Mobile food truck, Capitol Hi…
2000 Sixth Ave
704 First Ave
Downtown Seattle

Bok a Bok

This raved-about Korean fried chicken joint offers sides like kimchi mac and cheese, as well as chicken sandwiches in flavors like gochuchang BBQ and yuzu gree…
925 E Pike St
First Hill
90 Yesler Way
Pioneer Square


Formerly the divey Dome Burger, BRGR Bar is a much nicer-looking "classic American burger joint with a Korean flair."
111 Occidental Ave S
Pioneer Square

Seoul Bowl

The popular Korean barbecue food truck Seoul Bowl has opened its first brick-and-mortar location. Like the truck, the restaurant serves customizable bowls. Gue…
722 12th Ave
Central District

Toi Taco

This taco/fusion lunch spot serves Korean noodle bowls, tacos, wraps, and banh mi to the daytime denizens of South Lake Union/downtown.
2134 Westlake Avenue

District H

This upscale version of the popular Korean grocery chain H Mart has a food court with a grill station with meat and seafood, a steam station with dumplings, an…
101 Terry Avenue

Oma Bap

Hugo House, Capitol Hill's hub for writing classes, readings, and other literary happenings, has a new dining option: Oma Bap, a contemporary fast-casual Korea…
1634 11th Ave
Capitol Hill

Soju Anju

Jun Park, who also owns the beloved Musashi's, has opened this Korean bar in the former space of Dao Tai House in the Velocity Dance Center. The name refers to…
1621 12th Ave
Capitol Hill