All Japanese Restaurants near Seattle


At global chain/Seattle institution Benihana, the chefs bow to you from behind your communal tabletop grill, and then prepare, before your eyes, an Asian feast…
1200 Fifth Ave
Pike Pine Retail Core
(206) 682-4686
1010 Madison St
First Hill

Sushi Kanpai

Located near the corner of Eighth and Marion, Sushi Kanpai has reasonably priced sushi that people like quite a bit.
900 Eighth Ave
First Hill


Named for the traditional Japanese fabric divider hung in front of restaurants or businesses to protect from elements and keep in warmth with the idea of "welc…
320 E Pike St
Capitol Hill


Formerly a pop-up, this onigiri cafe is now open inside the space of the natural wine bar and bistro Marseille in Capitol Hill's Melrose Market on Mondays and …
1531 Melrose Ave
Capitol Hill

Crepan Crepe World

Your fondest wish has been realized at this Japanese-style crepe place: crepes fused with hot dogs.
1303 Madison St
First Hill

Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya

Kizuki urges you to “come slurp up a bowl and join us in our passion.” What is their passion, exactly? Ramen, which they claim to have the most authentic form …
320 E Pine St
Capitol Hill

Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu

Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu, a ramen chain with 14 restaurants in Japan and which recently opened its first U.S. location in Los Angeles, will replace the rece…
1510 Belmont Ave
Capitol Hill

Buriyaki Japanese Burger

Inside the Marion Court Food Court, Buriyaki makes a variety of Japanese-ish burgers, including the Katsubu with pork loin and slaw, the Samurai with chicken a…
823 3rd Ave
Downtown Seattle


Top Chef: Portland fan favorite Shota Nakajima's late-night bar Taku is inspired by the street food of Osaka. The spot features karaage chicken, marinated, bat…

East Pike and Boylston Avenue
Capitol Hill

Gourmet Dog Japon

Gourmet Dog Japon offers street dogs prepared the way they'd want them in Japan (or Vancouver). Toppings and sauces include bonito, seaweed, wasabi mayonnaise,…
Pike St and 2nd Ave
Pike Place Market

Tamari Bar

Suika owner Makato Kimoto opened up another izakaya place called Tamari Bar right down the street from Suika last February. The two pubs serve similar fare, bu…
500 E Pine St
Capitol Hill
(206) 979-8800

Japonessa Sushi Cocina

The restaurant that replaced Union downtown: Japonessa Sushi Cocina. The head chef: Billy Beach, formerly of Umi Sake House and Kushibar (the owner also runs i…
1400 First Ave
Pike Place Market

Sushi Maki

Sushi Maki is as tiny as it is good, so plan ahead to (most likely) carry your sushi out instead of eating it there.
1633 Bellevue Ave
Capitol Hill
803 E Pike St
Capitol Hill
(206) 726-7610

Midori Teriyaki

This downtown teriyaki joint purveys dishes like crispy chicken, General Tso's, short ribs, grilled salmon, and more.
1120 Howell St


Ooink is a Capitol Hill's latest ramen spot. It's in the erstwhile Vostok Dumpling House location, and while I will always miss those glorious, sour-cream-slat…
1416 Harvard Ave
Capitol Hill
1100 Western Ave
Seattle Waterfront

Betsutenjin Ramen

A ramen spot popular for its bone broth and green tea mochi waffles, among other things.
954 East Union St
Capitol Hill

Sushi Kashiba

Shiro Kashiba is the patron saint of Seattle sushi, and Sushi Kashiba is his latest restaurant. This dude is on some Jiro Dreams of Sushi shit. Newcomers shoul…
86 Pine St, Suite 1
Pike Place Market