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Bumbershoot 2020

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This event has been canceled
Every day, from Sep 4 - Sep 6
Seattle Center Lower Queen Anne
Bumbershoot, Seattle's biggest music, comedy, and arts festival, will take over Seattle Center for Labor Day Weekend 2020 for the 50th year. Pretty much everything about the festival is still up in the air considering its ownership shift back to non-profit organization OneReel from decidedly for-profit organization AEG, so stay tuned for more news about artists, stages, and performances hopefully forthcoming. So far OneReel's statement on the matter reads: "While the details won’t be announced until early next year, we can tell you this: Everyone at One Reel is excited to usher in a new era for Bumbershoot that embraces the festival’s long legacy of multi- generational programming and community participation. We are currently working with the City of Seattle and Seattle Center, to create a new model for Bumbershoot that honors both the festival’s origin and history, while ensuring the festival is sustainable for the long haul."