Crypticon Seattle Film Festival

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Every day, through Sep 20
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The Pacific Northwest was made for fall. This is our fucking season. We thrive in darkness, solitude, and moisture. This is our time to patiently sit through this uncontrollable wildfire smog, then don our best comfy sweater and pick out our favorite seat on the couch for three days’ worth of creepy-crawly movies that can lead us into the season that is our birthright. Doing that festive labor for us this year is Crypticon, the annual horror film festival that is now online thanks to insert-2020-extenuating-circumstance-here. This weekend fest, now in its 14th year, serves up the full horror spectrum in a series of shorts (plus one feature film) that run the gamut from gross to gory and eerie to electrifying. If your favorite season of American Horror Story was 1984, I highly recommend the “In the Woods” film block. Have a nasty fantasy about boning Viggo Mortensen in The Road? Then buy a ticket to “Traveling Fears & More!” Or go right ahead and buy a weekend pass to get access to each delicious morsel of sick, twisted, pre-Halloween action. KIM SELLING

This is an online event

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