Stranger Debates: Seattle's Only Candidate Forum

Multiple dates through Oct 29, 8 - 9:30 pm
This is an online event · The Stranger (Online)
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Seattle-area statehouse candidates will take their debates to the digital stage, hosted by a panel of Stranger reporters who will make them "squirm through a gauntlet of tough questions" and take an audience poll to announce a "winner."


Oct 12: Legislative District 11: David Hackney vs Rep. Zack Hudgins
Oct 19: Legislative District 36: Liz Berry vs Sarah Reyneveld
Oct 22: Legislative District 37: Kirsten Harris-Talley vs Chukundi Salisbury
Oct 29: Legislative District 43: Rep. Frank Chopp vs. Sherae Lascelles

This is an online event

The Stranger (Online)

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