How to Celebrate 4/20 2021 in Seattle

Neon Taco Bell, SPLIFF Film Festival, and More Ideas for April 20
April 19, 2021
This 4/20, cosmic electronic soul artist SassyBlack will host a digital disco with special guest Ilana Glazer of Broad City.

4/20, every stoner's favorite cannabis-centric holiday, is almost upon us. Get ready to toke up with our guide to the trippiest events, such as SPLIFF Film Festival and a digital disco with SassyBlack and Ilana Glazer, plus some choice munchies, like chef Monica Dimas' Neon Taco Bell menu at La Dive. For more ideas, check out our pot shop listings.



2021 SPLIFF Film Festival
As everyone's favorite day to smoke weed draws near, it's time for another installment of short cannabis-themed films made for and by stoners just like you! You'll have a grand old time watching the screenings themselves, but you'll be even more delighted by this year's live(streamed) viewing parties hosted by various dynamic weed-loving duos, from The Stranger's Chase Burns and Jasmyne Keimig to Seattle drag stars Cookie Couture and Betty Wetter to comedians Alyssa Yeoman and Erin Ingle. You can also check out SPLIFF 2019 and SPLIFF 2020 on demand whenever you want.


Even Higher Together: Virtual 420 Celebration
This online fundraiser for the Last Prisoner Project, an organization that "fights criminal injustice and reimagines drug policy" through intervention, advocacy, and awareness, will be hosted by none other than weed icon Snoop Dogg and will feature big-name special guests A$AP Rocky, Jhené Aiko, Tokimonsta, Bam Markley, G-Eazy, Wiz Khalifa, Mike Tyson, and others.

Phat Sidy Smokehouse 420 Livestream
Improvisational funk/R&B/jazz outfit Phat Sidy Smokehouse—former residents at High Dive—will toke up for a special reunion set on the internet.

SassyBlack: Digital Disco with special guest Ilana Glazer
The second annual Digital Disco livestream, hosted by cosmic electronic soul artist SassyBlack with special guest Ilana Glazer (!) of Broad City, will bring your spirits way up for 4/20. Expect a fun, trippy DJ set from Sassy and free product giveaways.

Crank the Dank for Ballard Food Bank
At exactly 7:20 pm (4:20 in Hawaii), fire up Twitch (and a joint) or gather in a socially distanced fashion at Substation for a Ballard Food Bank fundraiser featuring local artists Dank, Of the Heavy Sun, Sea Salt, Summoned by Giants, and the Punktuals, plus some psychedelic prog-hop from Moon Jackson.

Stoner Chicks 4/20 Special
Stoner Chicks podcast will celebrate the crystalline plant du jour with a special episode featuring "cats, stickers, kits, games, roller skates, ice cream sundaes, fashion shows," and weed, of course.

This is Your VCR on Drugs
Zone out to surreal short films, phantasmagoric interludes, and acid trips gone wrong in this Scarecrow Video compilation of VHS clips.
Grand Illusion Cinema


Eric Rivera's experimental, ever-evolving pop-up Addo will serve a 4/20 package that comes complete with chicken Alfredo tater tots, a "big-ass" cheese and bean burrito, a "gigantic chicharron," a dozen wings with fiery Cheeto dust, and "chef's choice" ice cream.
Pickup or delivery

Neon Taco Bell
On 4/20 each year, per tradition, Little Neon Taco chef Monica Dimas (who recently closed her flagship brick-and-mortar on First Hill and has taken up residence in the trendy natural wine shop La Dive as a temporary pop-up) pays homage to the fast-food temple of stoners everywhere with a recreation of its menu. Embrace the live más mentality with two different fixed menus, the "Munchies" (two Crunchy Taco Supremes, two CrunchWrap Supremes, one order of Doritos Supreme Nachos, two Enchiritos Burritos, and four "Beef Beefer" sliders, available 4-8 pm) and "Fourth Meal" (two Crunchy Taco Supremes, two CrunchWrap Supremes, one order of Doritos Supreme Nachos, two Mexican pizzas, and two beefy Fritos burritos, available 10 pm-12 am). There'll also be drinks, including a Baja Blast-inspired "Neon Taco Blaster" in "Margarita Blast" (to which you can add a CBD infusion for extra chill), and two frozen cocktails, "Berry Blaze" and "Guava Sticky Icky." Limited contactless dine-in reservations are available, and walk-up ordering will also be available.
Capitol Hill
Pickup, outdoor seating or limited indoor seating with reservations

Queen Anne Beerhall
The European-inspired beer hall promises its "420 Burger" (a smash burger with ground brisket, Swiss and American cheese, flame-broiled thick-cut bacon, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, and burger sauce on a Tribeca Oven bun) is "more of a body high."
Queen Anne
Pickup, outdoor seating or limited indoor seating


Biscuit Bitch
The expletive-peppered, Southern-inspired brunch spot, which has earned a seal of approval from Lizzo, specializes in the kind of comfort food that's just what you want when you're intoxicated, including "bitch-wich" biscuit sandwiches and cheesy garlic grits. (Note: The menu is currently limited due to the loss of the business's production kitchen.)
Belltown, Pike Place Market
Pickup, delivery, or outdoor seating

Bok a Bok
This fried chicken joint got the attention of Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and serves Southern comfort food with a Korean twist, including kimchi mac and cheese and chicken sandwiches in flavors like gochujang BBQ and yuzu green chile. If you're really starving, go for the "bowl o' shame," which comes with kimchi mac and cheese, tater tots, diced fried chicken thighs, four-chile hot sauce, cheese sauce, fried shallots and garlic, green onions, and a soft poached egg.
Various locations
Pickup or delivery

Dick's Drive-In
The crowd-pleasing Seattle fast-food chain has been a go-to destination for hungry smokers in need of a cheap snack for decades.
Various locations
Pickup or delivery

Ezell's Famous Chicken
The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement once wrote, "Oprah is no stranger to marijuana. Oprah has been known to have Ezell's fried chicken FedExed from Seattle directly to her mouth. Coincidence? Fried chicken offers the high person an unparalleled sensory experience: the crispy-salty-golden-brown coating, the lining of fatty skin just beneath, the juicy-hot-nourishing flesh. And Ezell's fried chicken is among the very best. But wait! Take a hunk of Ezell's chicken, embed it in one of Ezell's heavenly rolls, and dip it in Ezell's chicken gravy. A friend who is definitely no stranger to marijuana told me about this innovation in Ezell's-eating recently with the seriousness of someone who's discovered something very important in life. Go and try it. Someone tell Oprah!"
Various locations
Pickup or delivery

Fort St. George
The Stranger's Kelly O recommended this beloved International District dive as one of the best places to eat while stoned in 2014, writing, "Why does a Japanese bar in the International District have 10 different varieties of spaghetti (served with a side of miso soup)? Because at some point, someone decided that JAPANESE VERSIONS OF AMERICAN FOODS—like hamburger steaks, casseroles, omelets, and cheesy-fries—WOULD BE DELICIOUS. They even claimed the spaghetti noodle, and the Fort, which bills itself as a 'Western Style Japanese Pub,' makes them in a bunch of crazy ways (such as 'meat sauce with garlic mayonnaise' and 'tarako and kimchee'). Try all 10."
Chinatown-International District
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Hot Cakes
If you haven't tried the chocolate molten cake emporium's warm, gooey treats while under the influence of cannabis, you haven't lived. The flavors and textures of desserts like smoky s'mores cake and dark decadence cake with caramel are enhanced even more by being high.
Ballard, Capitol Hill
Pickup, delivery, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

Man Vs. Fries
Last fall, this delivery and takeout pop-up with locations in various cities brought its menu of hefty French fry-based creations to Seattle, serving loaded asada fries and fry-stuffed SoCal and NorCal-style burritos and quesadillas with Flamin' Hot Cheetos. You can choose between straight or curly fries, pollo or carne asada, and SoCal or NorCal. There's also fried New York cheesecake and fried double-stuffed Oreos, both breaded with Krusteaz mix. The menu is available for pickup or for delivery via DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, or GrubHub.
Pickup and delivery

Marination and Super Six
Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison's Hawaiian-Korean chain Marination and its Columbia City sibling restaurant Super Six are beloved for their island-inspired comfort food, including kalbi beef tacos, kimchi fried rice, loco moco, Spam sliders, and more. The "aloha tots" (tater tots topped with kalua pork, kimchi sauce, Japanese mayo, and a fried egg) would be an especially great munchie.
Downtown, West Seattle, Columbia City
Pickup, delivery, or outdoor seating

Nacho Borracho
Nachos are prime 4/20 food, and this Capitol Hill haunt prized for its boozy frozen slushies and Mexican food from chef Ricardo Valdes' self-proclaimed "hole-in-the-wall" taco counter El Xolo makes an impeccable version. The Stranger's Charles Mudede calls them "bar food par excellence," praising them for being "inexpensive, very generous (lots of cheese, a heap of meat, and sharp-tasting guacamole), and rich with chips that are, in my estimation, unusually crisp." 
Capitol Hill
Pickup, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

Watson's Counter
Breakfast cereal and stoners are a time-honored combination, and this Ballard restaurant's Instagram-famous Fruity Pebble-encrusted French toast makes for a grown-up yet craveable upgrade. There's also fried chicken wings, Korean-inspired poutine, loco moco, and other 420-friendly fare.
Pickup or delivery