It's Coming From Inside the House! 28 Weeks Later

This event is in the past
Fri Nov 20, 7 - 10 pm
This is an online event · Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)
If you can bear watching a movie about a deadly virus while you camp out at home to avoid the one that droves of people are currently dying from around the world, join MoPOP for an online watch party of 28 Weeks Later. Picking up where Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later left off, the sequel finds the "rage" virus all but contained, and the U.S. Army slowly allowing London to repopulate. Don (Robert Carlyle), an unlikely survivor of the outbreak, is reunited with his two children, keeping from them the truth about their mother's death. Meanwhile, an army doctor (Rose Byrne) worries that a new outbreak could be imminent.