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The Top 43 Events in Seattle This Week: May 13–19, 2024

Celeste Barber, The Rolling Stones, and More
May 13, 2024
The Rolling Stones' latest album Hackney Diamonds has been hailed as a late-career gem. (Mark Seliger)
Buckle up, buttercups. This week is another wild ride, with event highlights from the Rolling Stones to the Fisherman's Village Music Festival and from Celeste Barber to the Seattle International Film Festival.

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Warpaint Past Event List
After a six-year hiatus, California indie-rockers Warpaint returned in 2022 with Radiate Like This, an album that showed an evolution of maturity in their songwriting while never shying away from playful themes (such as asking your lover for naked photos on "Send Nudes.") Now, they're back to celebrate their 20th bandiversary by playing debut EP, Exquisite Corpse, in its entirety. I, for one, am looking forward to swaying along to their ethereal smash "Billie Holiday," which I first heard back in 2011 at an Anthropologie. LA-based art punk band Sego will open. AV
(The Crocodile, Belltown)



Celeste Barber Past Event List
You might know Celeste Barber from her frank, funny celebrity photo parodies, which have attracted over 8.1 million followers to the comic's Instagram account. The Aussie "Queen of Comedy" recently shot the Netflix comedy series Wellmania, based on the novel Wellmania: Misadventures in the Search for Wellness. She'll stop by Seattle, hopefully with more jokes about hot people. LC
(Moore Theatre, Belltown)


Author Talk: Koreaworld, Deuki Hong & Matt Rodbard Past Event List
With their new cookbook Koreaworld, chef Deuki Hong and journalist Matt Rodbard delve into the thrilling world of modern Korean cuisine, including "sweet-spicy barbecue, creative rice and seafood dishes, flavor-bombed stews, and KPOP-fueled street food," telling stories through interviews with chefs and home cooks as well as splashy photography. Dig into craveable, complex dishes like giant short ribs, samgyetang roast chicken, pineapple kimchi fried rice, and cold broccoli salad with ssamjang mayo. Hong and Rodbard will be joined in conversation by Sara Upshaw of OHSUN Banchan, followed by a Q&A and signing. JB
(Book Larder, Fremont)

Zoë Schlanger: The Light Eaters Past Event List
Plants don't just hear sounds, store memories, trick animals, and recognize kin, although I'll admit it, I'm shocked by those discoveries. They also have social lives (I am imagining a plant rager right now), and their keen communication skills are why they're still kicking around after all these years. Zoë Schlanger has the scoop—the Atlantic staff writer's book The Light Eaters looks closely at the intelligent botanical life that's busy in survival mode. LC
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)



Tantura (PCRF Benefit Screening) Past Event List
Show your support for Palestinian liberation at this by-donation screening, which will fundraise for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, a leading aid organization on the ground in Gaza. Tantura, presented in Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles, revisits the hundreds of Palestinian villages left depopulated in the wake of the Nakba. In the '90s, a graduate student conducted research into a Nakba-era massacre in the village of Tantura; while Teddy Katz's reputation was scarred, his audio testimonies remain. LC
(Grand Illusion, University District)


Charlotte Day Wilson Past Event List
Toronto-based vocalist Charlotte Day Wilson fuses her deep velvety vocals with sparse R&B instrumentation for sultry serenades about love, longing, and heartache. Expect to hear songs from her newest release, Cyan Blue, which features a collaboration with fellow R&B heavy Snoh Aalegra. AV
(Neumos, Capitol Hill)

Rolling Stones Past Event List
Over the last 62 years, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have made the journey from rock & roll bad boys to affable elder statesmen with as much panache as musicians can muster. From about 1965 to 1974, the Rolling Stones were among the 10 best rock groups on the planet—some scholars say the best. To be sure, they've written enough classics in many styles—blues, soul, funk, country, disco, electro, etc.—to coast on their vast catalog till they can't walk anymore. And even then, Keef will probably find a way to coax out more of his indelibly raunchy and tender riffs. Come for “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,” stay for “Heaven”—which they've never performed live, but maybe if you shout for it loudly enough, they'll comply. It's the least they can do for the hundreds of dollars you spent on this concert. STRANGER CONTRIBUTOR DAVE SEGAL
(Lumen Field, SoDo)


Natalie Foster with Angela Garbes Freedom: Within the Free Market Past Event List
Economic Security Project president Natalie Foster's new book, The Guarantee: Inside the Fight for America’s Next Economy, invites readers to entertain a cRaAazY world where "housing, health care, higher education, [and] family care...are not only attainable for everyone but guaranteed by our government." Checkmate, capitalism!! She'll be joined by Filipino American food writer and former Stranger staffer Angela Garbes, whose book Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change reframes care work and mothering as a radical and essential form of social justice. LC
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)

Ten Thousand Things: Artifacts of Asian American Life with Shin Yu Pai Past Event List
"In many Chinese sayings, 'ten thousand' is used in a poetic sense to convey something infinite, vast, and unfathomable," the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art reports. As a dedicated hyperbolist, I appreciate the phrase. Current Seattle civic poet Shin Yu Pai does too—she named her NPR podcast Ten Thousand Things. She explores a variety of cultural artifacts on the show, spotlighting Asian American stories of trauma and personal values. Pai will share some of these stories at this talk, which will come "enriched by audio clips" and touch on "the complexity of Asian American identities and what the Asian American experience was like during the pandemic." LC
(Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Winslow)



Jenn Champion with Mat Brooke Past Event List
The Stranger's arts and culture editor Megan Seling writes:"Jenn Champion has been making music for more than 20 years, both solo and as a member of Seattle’s saddest misspelled indie band Carissa’s Wierd, and she’s released music through some of the Northwest’s coolest record labels including Suicide Squeeze and Hardly Art. Last year, she did something she’s never done before: Put out her music her damn self. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, with which she raised more than $40,000, Champion released The Last Night of Sadness. It’s no surprise nearly 500 people contributed to hear the results—few songwriters do sadness as well as Champion can. Case in point, the first single, “Famous.” It’s a moody, mid-tempo dance track that sounds like a disillusioned Taylor Swift on downers. The synth tries to sparkle through Champion’s foggy memories of a difficult childhood and mistakes made along the way. Gloomy, contemplative—it’s the perfect music for fall. But also summer, winter, and spring, too, because for folks like Champion (and myself, if we’re being honest) sadness isn’t seasonal, it’s forever." Champion will perform a stripped-down acoustic set alongside former Clarissa's Wierd bandmate Mat Brooke. AV
(Fremont Abbey Arts Center, Fremont)


Anastacia-Reneé with Gary Copeland Lilley — Here in the (Middle) of Nowhere Past Event List
Former Seattleite, formidable poet, genre-crossing artist, TEDx speaker, and podcaster Anastacia-Reneé's funky, feminist collection Side Notes from the Archivist: Poems illuminated Black femme culture through coming-of-age poems set in '80s Philly, and it had me awe-inspired just last year. ("The deft tonal shifts of Anastacia-Reneé’s words and delivery amuse, disarm and devastate," said the Seattle Times.) She's somehow already back with Here in the (Middle) of Nowhere, a "bold hybrid collection of poetry, flash fiction, and Afrofuturism sci-fi," which sounds incredible. Show up to her talk with poet and musician Gary Copeland Lilley to become a superfan. LC
(Third Place Books, Seward Park)



Paul Giamatti's Chinwag Past Event List
If there were ever a celebrity podcast I'd actually listen to, it would be Paul Giamatti's. Think about it: Don't you kinda want to know what he thinks about, well, anything and everything? Luckily for us, he DOES have a podcast, and he talks to a philosophy professor (Stephen T. Asma, who's also the author of 10 books) on it. Chinwag "may or may not dive really, really, really deep into the edge of the known [and] topics like aliens, science fiction, and imagination." Okay, I'm on board. Giamatti and Asma will drop by town, hopefully to tell me whether or not we're living in a simulation. LC
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)


An Evening With Phil Rosenthal Of "Somebody Feed Phil" Past Event List
Phil Rosenthal, creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, has since developed an obsession with all things epicurean—he travels the globe to foodie-fave locations like Mexico City, Marrakesh, and our humble region for Netflix's Somebody Feed Phil, gobbling up whatever gourmet nosh he finds along the way. Rosenthal's recent release Somebody Feed Phil the Book: Untold Stories, Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Favorite Recipes: A Cookbook, includes never-before-heard stories and viewer-fave recipes. Mmmm. LC
(Moore Theatre, Belltown)



Book Signing with Kat Lieu Past Event List
Seattleite Kat Lieu, also known as the founder of the wildly popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Baking and the author of Modern Asian Baking at Home, is back with her second cookbook, Modern Asian Kitchen. The book aims to empower home cooks to create myriad meals from a variety of Asian cultures, including air fryer Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Sichuan-style fish-fragrant eggplant, homemade pho, weeknight bibimbap bowls, and much more. Lucky Envelope will release a special Gochujang Chocolate Cream Stout brewed in collaboration with Kat (inspired by her gochujang chocolate mochi cake recipe), and she'll be at the brewery to sign copies of the book. Plus, Octopus Knitting will sling knitted and cross-stitched goods, and JD Duong will sell baked goods. JB
(Lucky Envelope Brewing, West Woodland)


An Evening with Bebel Gilberto Past Event List
Bossa nova maven Bebel Gilberto will return to Seattle to support her latest album, João, which pays tribute to her father, the late Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto. The album is more than a collection of popular covers of her father's songs, but a personal tribute that revisits her most fundamental musical memories (including unexpected and rare compositions written by João). AV
(Neptune Theatre, University District)

Blitzen Trapper Past Event List
Portland-based quintet Blitzen Trapper will stop by to support their new album, 100's of 1000's, Millions of Billions, an abstract exploration that makes peace with the world's unknowns. The night promises exquisite storytelling, sharp imagery, and the band's signature eclectic country-folk-rock sound. Arrive in time to catch an opening set from local indie rock band Small Paul. AV
(Tractor Tavern, Ballard)

Reflections: Laraaji, Sam Prekop Past Event List
Laraaji has opened for Solangeperformed with plants at South by Southwest, and created hazy albums with fellow experimenters Sun Araw and Blues Control. Make no mistake: he's “out there,” but also a true New Yorker grounded in his vision, creating everything from guided meditation and reiki albums to force-of-nature instrumentals that have helped shape the New Age and ambient music landscapes for decades. His process is compact and portable. Using modified autoharps, electrified kalimbas, an array of pedals, and improvisational trance states, Laraaji channels an ambrosial, lilting sound that’s positioned him as something of a do-good sonic alchemist in musical history. He'll perform an improvisational set alongside Sam Prekop of the Sea & Cake at this visionary show. LC
(Seattle First Baptist Church, First Hill)


Book Signing: The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl Past Event List
As a restaurant critic for the New York Times in the 1990s, legendary food writer Ruth Reichl gained renown for her acerbic observations and penchant for donning disguises to maintain her anonymity in restaurants, and she went on to become the editor-in-chief of the now-defunct Gourmet magazine. Reichl has since penned five best-selling memoirs as well as a cookbook and a novel, has won six James Beard Awards, and is known for her warm voice and fierce advocacy of home cooking. In her latest fictional work, The Paris Novel, she tells the story of Stella, a woman who receives a one-way ticket to Paris after her estranged mother dies. Of course, Reichl's cozy ode to the City of Light is full of sparkling descriptions of decadent French cuisine, vintage fashion, and dazzling art, making it a perfect escapist romp for when you're consumed by wanderlust. JB
(Book Larder, Fremont)


Calder Symposium Past Event List
Hope you like mobiles!! I was once lucky enough to spot Alexander Calder's buoyant abstract mobile Lizard (Lézard)at the Palm Springs Art Museum, and therefore must recommend you thrill your eyeballs at this all-day exploration of Calder's work, which comes free with museum admission. Visitors can check out public talks, gallery tours, and film screenings that delve into the kinetic modernist sculptor's career, process, and impact. While you're there, you should obviously spend some time with the current museum exhibition Calder: In Motion, which offers a non-chronological narrative of the artist's mobiles, stabiles, paintings, illustrations, and more. Dynamic works are installed throughout SAM's galleries, including its double-height gallery, with overlooks from the floor above. LC
(Seattle Art Museum, Downtown)



Belle & Sebastian Remind List
Belle & Sebastian has one of the greatest band origin stories: Back in 1994, Stow College students Stuart Murdoch and Stuart David recorded a few demos for a school project with their music professor Alan Rankine (formerly of the Associates). After one of their singles was picked up by the college's record label Electric Honey, the label offered to release their debut album, Tigermilk, which went on to shape the genre of indie pop as we know it. Eleven albums and nearly three decades later, Murdoch still fronts the legendary twee ensemble, bringing their delicate indie rock around the globe.  Don't miss the band as they play tracks from their 12th album, Late Developers, which sounds just as fresh as their debut (seriously, Murdoch's voice has not aged). Canadian folk band the Weather Station will open. AV
(Moore Theatre, Belltown)



Sheng Wang Past Event List
You might already be familiar with Houston-born comic and actor Sheng Wang: He recently dropped a Netflix special, Sweet & Juicy, produced and directed by reigning queen of vulgarity Ali Wong, and he was a featured stand-up on HBO’s 2 Dope Queens. Sheng reports that he "enjoys exploring botanical gardens and discovering new ways to snack," so chances are good that you two already have something in common. Show up to this set for something to laugh about. LC
(Neptune Theatre, University District, Thursday-Saturday)


U District Street Fair 2024 Remind List
The U District Street Fair claims to kick off Seattle's summer event season, which rang true last year when I accidentally wore way too many layers in the warm, sunny weather. Time will tell if they hit that mark this year, but I plan on returning to this community arts and crafts fair that spans nearly a dozen blocks and draws tens of thousands of visitors. Stroll the Ave as you enjoy live music from local bands, food trucks, restaurant specials, beer gardens, activity booths, and more. The best part? The U District light rail station deposits you right in the heart of the action so no one has to deal with parking. SL
(University District, Saturday-Sunday)


The Beast Past Event List
For a film that begins in 1910 during the Great Flood of Paris, The Beast feels achingly alive with the anxiety of existing in 2024. Based in part on Henry James’s 1903 novella, The Beast in the Jungle, about a man who believes his whole life is steered toward an impending catastrophe, the latest and tenth film by Bertrand Bonello finds that same “deep-seated feeling that something terrible will occur” in the heart of a woman named Gabrielle (Léa Seydoux), and bends eternity around it. Across three lifetimes, Seydoux plays a lovelorn woman who waits for doom. Whatever that doom is, it doesn’t matter; it might as well be the apocalypse. If that seems like the stuff of a great, sappy cinematic romance, it is, but the work of Bonello tends to refuse simple categories. The French multi-hyphenate (director-writer-composer) makes destabilizing films, ever-shifting emulsions of form and genre. Read the Mercury's whole review. PORTLAND MERCURY CONTRIBUTOR DOM SINACOLA
(Grand Illusion, University District, Monday-Tuesday)

Daisies Remind List
Once banned in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the gleeful, surrealist '66 flick Daisies is chock-full of hedonistic splendor, revolving around two young women who shrug off stereotypes in pursuit of debauchery and pleasure. Who says anti-patriarchal antics can't be fun?! LC
(The Beacon, Columbia City, Friday-Saturday)

The Old Oak Remind List
This screening of The Old Oak will be presented in partnership with Red May, a "month-long spree of red arts, red theory, and red politics based in share in discussion and plot ways toward a world beyond capitalism."Likely the final film of Ken Loach's oeuvre, The Old Oak stays true to his observational social realist style with forthright anger and a hint of idealism. The film follows the happenings at a pub in a declining mining town, where owner TJ Ballantyne must reckon with the impact of newly arriving Syrian refugees. When TJ becomes friends with a Syrian photographer, the pair search for ways to relate to both communities. Proceeds from the May 15 screeningwill be donated to Long Haul Mutual Aid, which offers 120 meals to "unsheltered folks in Georgetown and SoDo, along with other essential supplies such as water, harm reduction, clothes, hygiene products, batteries, etc." LC
(The Beacon, Columbia City, Monday-Sunday)

Paprika Remind List
Psychotropic anime and manga auteur Satoshi Kon's Paprika imagines a wacky new piece of technology that allows therapists to observe the dreams of their patients. The gadget's creator, Dr. Atsuko Chiba, also moonlights as a "dream detective" named Paprika—cool job alert—but when the device is stolen by a "dream terrorist," nightmares and reality begin to merge. Paprika has been widely acknowledged as one of cinema's best animated films, and the flick reportedly inspired Christopher Nolan's Inception. LC
(Central Cinema, Central District, Friday-Sunday)

Seattle International Film Festival 2024 Remind List
SIFF will return for its 50th year with the best in international and independent cinema à la mode from across the globe, and you know the drill—the city's most well-recognized hybrid festival, which boasts hundreds of films from 84 countries and regions this year, will present screenings virtually and at SIFF venues citywide. Some standouts from this year's lineup include the June Squibb-fronted Thelma, the buzzy A24 drama Sing Sing, Ilana Glazer’s Babes, Jane Schoenbrun’s I Saw the TV Glow, and Harmony Korine’s infrared vaporwave nightmare Aggro Dr1ft.Stranger staffers watched and reviewed dozens of the festival's films here, if you want some help deciding what should make it on your to-watch list. LC
(Various locations, Monday-Sunday)


Seattle Beer Week 2024 Remind List
Seattle’s craft-beer scene is always alive and bubbling with activity, but during Beer Week, that geeky enthusiasm gets kicked into high gear, with a stacked lineup of beer dinners, festivals, socials, pub crawls, and releases galore. A handful of this year's highlights include Cask-O-Rama (12 casks from Seattle breweries on the bar top) at Beveridge Place Pub on May 17, Stour Fest (a dual celebration of stouts and sours) at Brouwer's Cafe on May 18, a beer can derby at the Pine Box on May 19, and a wing sauce tournament at Queen Anne Beerhall on May 22. JB
(Various locations, Friday-Sunday)


Caroline Rose Remind List
New York-based singer-songwriter Caroline Rose brings her shapeshifting blend of indie rock back through town to support her new album, The Art of Forgetting. The album reaches new heights by moving in an avant-folk direction, utilizing finger-picked guitars, textural percussion, and sound collage. She will take over the Showbox for two nights alongside indie rock project IAN SWEET (night one) and alt-pop artist La Force (night two). AV
(The Showbox, Downtown, Saturday-Sunday)

Fisherman's Village Music Festival 2024 Past Event List
Now in its 11th year, Fisherman's Village Music Festival will fill downtown Everett with live music and vendors, reminding us that Everett is more than just a rest stop on the way to someplace cooler. Headliners include Southern rock phenoms Drive-By Truckers, blue-eyed soul singer Allen Stone, indie folk duo Shovels & Rope, and indie pop singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews. There will also be plenty of PNW talent, with Seattle-based rapper Sol, Portland's country rock gems Jenny Don't & the Spurs, and indie rock artist Jenn Champion representing the region. AV
(Downtown Everett, Thursday-Saturday)

LCD Soundsystem Remind List
LCD Soundsystem has not released an album since 2017, but don't be mistaken—they are booked and busy. I am not even a fan of theirs but I've seen them live three times on the music festival circuit… Which is why I was surprised to hear that they haven't played in Seattle proper in 17 years. Don't miss the infectious electro-rock project on a rare US tour (or as they've dubbed it, a "kinda tour") with a four-night residency at the Paramount. AV
(Paramount Theatre, Downtown, Thursday-Sunday)


ALOK Past Event List
The transfeminine writer, performer, comedian, fashion icon, activist, and public speaker ALOK wears...a lot of hats. If you're into the #DeGenderFashion movement or their book, Beyond the Gender Binary, you're already well aware that ALOK is a boundary-pushing changemaker to watch. The multitalented creative has developed a unique blend of poetry, comedy, and vulnerability on stage, often touching on topics of trauma and belonging. Get into it at this performance. LC
(Neptune Theatre, University District, Tuesday-Wednesday)

Andrew Schneider: N O W I S W H E N W E A R E (the stars) Remind List
Inspired by Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms and the enormity of the Milky Way, theater technology pioneer Andrew Schneider will present this journey into the "theatrical cosmos," in which viewers will be invited (through either guided or self-guided experiences) to "explore traces of themselves in starlight, the universe, and those who have been here before us." I'd recommend microdosing for N O W I S W H E N W E A R E (the stars), but honestly, I don't think psychedelics will be necessary—you'll first be enveloped in total darkness, then move toward "4,000 reactive points of light with an enveloping 496-channel sound design," which sounds trippy enough for anyone. LC
(On the Boards, Uptown, Thursday-Sunday)

The Lehman Trilogy Remind List
When I asked my play-obsessed friend in New York about The Lehman Trilogy, he responded "I've heard it's quite good. It's veryyy long." He's not wrong, considering the show won five (!) Tonys in 2022 (Best Play, Best Actor, Best Direction, Best Scenic and Lighting Design) and it has a runtime of almost three-and-a-half hours with two intermissions. The show tells the story of three young Jewish brothers immigrating to the Big Apple in the 1840s, and how they found tremendous success. But those of us living in the modern era associate these brothers (the Lehman brothers) with the 2008 financial crisis. So how did we get from those humble-yet-successful beginnings to triggering one of the largest modern financial crises? I'll be putting my butt in a seat (for longer than I might like) to find out. SL
(ACT - A Contemporary Theatre, Downtown, Thursday-Sunday)

2024 New Works Festival: New Voices New Narratives Remind List
Every June, On the Boards transforms into an open studio for the most gifted theater-makers, dancers, and performance artists in the region. Over the course of 10 performance-packed days, you'll see previews and dry runs and snippets of the shows everyone will be talking about two years from now. STRANGER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF RICH SMITH
(18th & Union: An Arts Space, Thursday-Sunday)

Unrivaled Remind List
Playwright Rosie Narasaki's historical comedy follows two enemy poets vying for political favor. Instead of taking the beef to Twitter, they've gotta find other ways to stay in the Empress's favor, because it's the 11th century. Ladies-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shonagon are the central subjects in Unrivaled, which is set against the backdrop of Japan's Heian period. The only thing I dig more than 800-year-old poetry is spicy love triangles, so sign me up. LC
(Seattle Public Theater, Green Lake, Thursday-Sunday)


Diego Cibelli: Fiori dei Miei Habiti (La Montagne Enchantée) Remind List
For an opportunity to feel fancy and cultured, I recommend contemporary artist Diego Cibelli's Fiori dei Miei Habiti (La Montagne Enchantée), a site-specific response to the Venetian great Giovanni Tiepolo's 1757 ceiling fresco The Triumph of Valor over Time. (You can peep the fresco in SAM's Porcelain Room beforehand.) Guest curated by cultural historian Christian Larsen, Cibelli's freestanding porcelain sculpture is a "mountainous peak," covered in swirled slopes and tumbling, transforming figures. LC
(Seattle Art Museum, Downtown, Wednesday–Sunday)

DREAM TEMPLE (for Octavia) Remind List
Artists Mia Imani and Mayola Tikaka call upon the extraordinary visions of Octavia Butler for this installation, which features a low-lit resting space, an altar, and imagery of Black rest. Head to King Street Station to contemplate Butler's visionary worlds, which counteract intergenerational trauma and stress often experienced by Black people with a "portal of healing and imagining." By the way, Butler prophesized an eerily accurate, destabilized world in 2024, so Imani and Tikaka's rest space has arrived just in time. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can engage with rest rituals, hear interviews, and watch performances by the artists. LC
(King Street Station, SoDo, Wednesday–Saturday)

Intertwined Realities: Sunny Moxin Chen, jade wong, Nanxi Jin, Rulin Ma, Jia Jia Remind List
SOIL's latest group show distills the "very essence of human existence" in an immersive collection of works that think about the "changing body, experiences of loss, and the deep-seated longing propelling us forward." That's no small feat, but I think the artists exhibiting are up to the task: Intertwined Realities features multisensory works by Moscow-born Chinese immigrant Sunny Moxin Chen, cooking-inspired filmmaker jade wong, Chinese ceramicist Nanxi Jin, abstract painter Rulin Ma, and multimedia maker Jia Jia, who encourage gallery visitors to "deeply process and internalize their experiences, fostering personal growth." Think you're up for it? LC
(SOIL, Pioneer Square, Friday–Sunday)

Manifestations by June Sekiguchi Remind List
June Sekiguchi's scroll-cut woodworking method makes her pattern-based sculptures and large-scale installations a very loopy experience. Addressing "cultural identity, cross-cultural exchange, and personal narratives through an interplay of surface pattern and structural form," Sekiguchi's latest show emphasizes her metaphorical approach and honors her source materials. (I'm stoked for her big, glowy hanging bug, Silkpunk Grasshopper Leg Transport.) LC
(King Street Station, SoDo, Wednesday–Saturday)

Maria Phillips: at what point... Remind List
Artist-educator Maria Phillips investigates collective responsibility, environmental consciousness, and depollution in her multimedia works, which stress the importance of "deceleration and the rejection of frenetic consumerism and production." Agreed, Maria! In at what point..., Phillips salvages reclaimed material and found objects to document time, change, and the cyclical nature underlying all things. She calls these transformed objects "pick-up portraits," prompting questions about climate disruption, reliance on plastics, and the insidious norms underlying production and consumption. LC
(Gallery 4Culture, Pioneer Square, Monday-Sunday)

Sky Hopinka: Subterranean Ceremonies Remind List
Sky Hopinka, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, descendant of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño people, and 2022 MacArthur Foundation grant awardee, blends English and "Indigenous dialects such as Chinuk Wawa, a revived Chinookan creole of the Pacific Northwest" in his ground-quaking works, which often layer elements of poetry, prose, and image to think carefully about language as a strong cultural force. I was honored to write about Hopinka's work back in 2019, so this solo exhibition—the artist's first in the Pacific Northwest—feels especially exciting. Subterranean Ceremonies includes four recent films and new photographs that "focus on personal and political notions of Indigenous homeland," inspired by transitory landscapes and Hopinka's own wanderings. LC
(Frye Art Museum, First Hill, Wednesday–Sunday)

旅する猫たちの原画展: The Travel Cats By Mari Ichimasu Remind List
The Seattle Japanese Garden is already a tranquil sanctuary and a solid place to refill your creative cup, but do you know what would make it even better? Original watercolor paintings of cats wearing backpacks. Japan-born, Seattle-based artist Mari Ichimasu will present her signature series, Fur Coats and Backpacks; The Travel Cats, during the garden's lushest season. Visitors can participate in a "commemorative original stamp rally" and are welcome to bring their sketchbooks to draw inspiration from the on-the-go kitties. LC
(Seattle Japanese Garden, Madison Park, Tuesday–Sunday)

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