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The Top 45 Events in Seattle This Week: Nov 27–Dec 3, 2023

alt-J, A John Waters Christmas, and More Top Picks
November 27, 2023
Allow John Waters to add some good ol' fashioned filth to your holiday season.
You won't regret taking the time to plan out your week with our top picks guide. We're taking the time to shout-out happenings from alt-J: An Awesome Wave 10th Anniversary Show to SMooCH 2023, from Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé to A John Waters Christmas, and so much more.

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Cross-Faded Cinema with DJ Nicfit Past Event List
You might've heard the urban legend of a strange synchronicity between The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon from some cool stoner kid growing up. Inspired by the idea, Cross-Faded Cinema (curated by Seattle's own DJ Nicfit) twists the soundtracks of cult films, giving them a spin that the Seattle International Film Festival describes as "mesmerizing." The film being screened for this showing hasn't been announced, but it promises a trippy, ultra-sensory time. LC
(Here-After at the Crocodile, Belltown)



Coral Grief, generifus, and Pitschouse Past Event List
Local indie rock trio Coral Grief will bring their dreamy, ethereal, and harmony-driven tunes to the Sunset for a hometown show. If you're a fan of '90s indietronica bands like Broadcast and Stereolab, give their self-titled debut a listen. The duo will support the album alongside the Olympia-based rock project generifus and indie pop band Pitschouse. AV
(Sunset Tavern, Ballard)


Steve Inskeep Past Event List
Steve Inskeep, who has hosted NPR’s Morning Edition for almost two decades, will stop by Seattle to chat about his new nonfiction tome, Differ We Must, with Libby Denkmann, a radio journalist and host of KUOW's Soundside. Inskeep, a master of constructive debate, will discuss the book's themes (it's a "fresh and compelling narrative of Abraham Lincoln’s life"), and all Literary Arts series, Create Your Own series, and Super SAL subscribers will receive a copy. LC
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)



The State Past Event List
Long-running sketch-comedy troupe The State will stop by Seattle on their “Breakin’ Hearts and Dippin’ Balls” tour. Michael Showalter, Robert Ben Garant, and Todd Holoubek won't be present, but the troupe's other eight original members are on board, including crowd faves Michael Ian Black, David Wain, Joe Lo Truglio, and Thomas Lennon. The State's members have collaborated on countless projects, like Wet Hot American Summer and Reno 911, so you're bound to spot someone funny you recognize. In the words of Vulture, "That’s the thing about the guys (and one woman) in The State: They’re willing to try just about anything to get a laugh." LC
(Moore Theatre, Belltown)


Do Not Go Gentle: Three Queer AIDS Films Past Event List
On Wednesdays through December 13, Northwest Film Forum will screen a series of "decidedly queer" films spotlighting the life experiences of those directly impacted by the AIDS virus. The series will begin with Buddies, the first-ever feature-length drama about AIDS, which follows a yuppie who's assigned to be a “buddy” to an AIDS patient confined to a Manhattan hospital room. The film was scripted in five days and shot with a $27,000 budget; according to the director, Arthur J. Bressan, "I really felt I’d better make Buddies small, low budget, and powerful…I did not want to spend a year or two doing an AIDS movie which should be made now." LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill)


Indigo De Souza Past Event List
Singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza writes intimate lyrics about her life then wraps them up in grungy indie rock riffs inspired by '90s alt-rock heroes like the Breeders and Dinosaur Jr. She will swing through town with songs from her critically acclaimed album, All of This Will End, which reflects on "childhood memories, collecting herself in parking lots, the ecstatic trips spent wandering Appalachian mountains and southern swamps with friends, and the times she had to stand up for herself." Don't miss an opening set from indie rock duo Babehoven. AV
(Neptune Theatre, University District)



Dark Dreams: The Original Film Noir Series Past Event List
Look out for cigarette smoke and midnight jazz riffs: Greg Olson, Seattle Art Museum's film curator from 1977 until the position's elimination in 2020, will return with Dark Dreams: The Original Film Noir Series. Olson's noir expertise has been long praised by local voices like film writer and professor Dr. John Trafton, who deemed this year's lineup a "thrilling and mesmerizing journey for die-hard noir fans and the uninitiated," and journalist Charles R. Cross, who called Olson "Seattle's all-time-best film curator." Nine films spanning 60 years of noir style will screen at SIFF Cinema Egyptian. LC
(SIFF Cinema Egyptian, Capitol Hill)

Found Footage Festival Vol. 10 Past Event List
This year's Found Footage Festival is a VHS odyssey leading viewers into the murky terrain of '80s-era video dating services, a "questionably sexy striptease video" called Males In Motion, and mysterious New Age seminars. Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (The Colbert Report) do the crate-digging for the fest, which is an ongoing project bringing forgotten gems to the big screen. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown)


The Head And The Heart: A Fundraiser for the Rivers and Roads Foundation Past Event List
Indie folk band The Head And The Heart—who got their start busking on Seattle street corners—will return to their hometown with their annual benefit concert for the Rivers and Roads Foundation. Founded by the band, the nonprofit gives back to local music programs and initiatives with an emphasis on equitable access to music education and mental health resources. AV
(The Showbox, Downtown)



Anthony Jeselnik Past Event List
Anthony Jeselnik's Wikipedia article suggests that he's best known for his "dark comedy style, emphasize[ing] ironic misdirection, nonsequiturs, biting insults, an arrogant demeanor, and a stage persona that frequently takes amoral or psychopathic stances," which, to be honest, makes him sound completely insufferable. Crowds like this must be showing up for something, though, so if you're into suicide jokes, you've found your Friday night plans. LC
(Paramount Theatre, Downtown)


An Evening with Rainn Wilson Past Event List
As much as you may want to permanently associate Rainn Wilson with a certain fastidious bear expert, the truth is, he's much more than his aughts-era character. The author, philanthropist, and Renaissance man will swing by Seattle on the heels of his new book release, Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution, which "explores the problem-solving benefits that spirituality gives us to create solutions for an increasingly challenging world." If it sounds a little self-helpy, well, maybe it is. But there are worse folks to take advice from: Wilson is a longtime member of the Baha’i faith, and peppers his writing with references to kung fu and Star Trek. LC
(Moore Theatre, Belltown)



Little Women Double Feature Past Event List
For those of us whose idea of true romance is a piece of citrus left in a mailbox during a frosty winter, Little Women is the perfect holiday movie. This double feature kicks off with the (utterly superior) 1994 interpretation of the 19th-century novel, followed by the 2019 Gerwig flick. After that, a 30-minute panel will be led by Nico Vargas, Nichole Pouchet, and Anastasia Babenko, highlighting "extraordinary filmmakers in Seattle." If you can't get enough of the March clan, you can also check out Seattle Rep's production of Little Women this month. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown)


Jenny Lewis Past Event List
Jenny Lewis’s latest album, Joy'All, is everything I hoped it would be. It's lyrically fun, danceable, and perfectly balances classic folk with glitzy R&B. She is the queen of a self-deprecating line, and this album hasa bounty. Some of my favorite Jennyisms include "I'm not a psycho / I'm just tryna get laid" ("Psycho"), "My forties are kicking my ass and handing 'em to me in a margarita glass" ("Puppy and a Truck"), and "I fall in love too easy / too easy / with anyone who touches me / fucks with me" ("Cherry Baby"). She will support the album alongside Ishmael Butler's Afrofuturist rap project Shabazz Palaces and country troubadour Logan Ledger. AV
(Paramount Theatre, Downtown)

SMooCH 2023 Past Event List
The charity circuit will get an indie-rock soundtrack as a pitch-perfect lineup gathers to help raise funds for Seattle Children's Hospital. Attendees will be treated to performances from Wolf Parade frontman Dan Boeckner, beloved psych-rock quartet La Luz, indie rockers the Long Winters, and LA-based singer-songwriter Akira Galaxy. VIP ticket holders will be offered a “unique food and wine experience" from renowned chef Ethan Stowell. KEXP's Morning Show DJ John Richards will MC the evening. AV
(The Showbox, Downtown)



Burnt Toast Live Podcast Recording, with Virginia Sole-Smith and Angela Garbes Past Event List
Host Virginia Sole-Smith chats toxic diet culture alongside authors, activists, and researchers on Burnt Toast, the best fat justice podcast you might not have heard of. For this live taping of the pod, Sole-Smith will sit down with Filipino American food writer and former Stranger staffer Angela Garbes, whose book Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change pulls from her own upbringing as a first-generation immigrant in the United States to consider how mothering has been an economic demand, particularly for women of color. LC
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)



A John Waters Christmas Past Event List
John Waters, who shall henceforth be known as the "anti-Santa," will glide his perverse sleigh into Seattle for some Christmas twistedness and holiday jeers. He might stomp on your perfectly wrapped presents, but this evening with the cult filmmaker seems promising for those on the holiday-averse end of the spectrum. If you've been naughty this year, Waters encourages you to lean into it—he'll pull "celebrity blow-up dolls," "yuletide diseases with booster shots that actually get you high," and "kindergarten detention drag shows in Florida" out of his big red sack. LC
(Neptune Theatre, University District, Tuesday & Saturday)

A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol Past Event List
Dickens' holiday tale may feel familiar to you, but as it turns out, A Christmas Carol can transform into something totally unexpected (and hilarious). Based on audience suggestions, a team of improvisers will reimagine Ebenezer Scrooge's world in this Yuletide rollercoaster ride. LC
(Unexpected Productions' Market Theater, Pike Place Market, Thursday-Sunday)


Pulling Together: A Brief History of Rowing in Seattle Remind List
George Clooney-directed flick The Boys in the Boat will premiere on December 25, sharing the story of the University of Washington rowing team, who were thrust into the spotlight while competing at the 1936 Olympics. (Spoiler: the "Miracle 9” won the gold medal in the eight-oared competition.) Get pumped for the film at this exhibition on the historic team, which spotlights "the University of Washington men’s and women’s rowing programs and the history of rowing in Seattle overall" and showcases the Husky Challenger shell. LC
(MOHAI, South Lake Union, Monday-Sunday)


50 Years of SIFF Past Event List
SIFF Cinema Egyptian's latest series offers a rare opportunity to catch 21 Seattle International Film Festival faves and Audience Award winners. Over the last five decades, the festival has screened over 10,000 films from all over the world, so seeing them all would be pretty much impossible. These screenings will help fill the gaps on your Letterboxd lists, though. The series continues with Eighth Grade, Trainspotting, and Black Dynamite this weekend. I'm stoked that they'll screen the eerie Australian flick Picnic at Hanging Rock, a favorite of SIFF festivalgoers in 1979, next week. LC
(SIFF Cinema Egyptian, Capitol Hill)

Anatomy of a Fall Past Event List
In one of Burial's unreleased tracks, you will find a sample that makes this claim: "It's like people had forgotten how to make a tune." Something similar can be said about the cinema of the procedural. It's hard to find a director who can do it right, who deeply understands the form. This is why Anatomy of a Fall, a French film by Justine Triet, is so remarkable: It's 100% a thriller. There is a crime, an investigation, a suspect, and, of course, lots of drama in the court. Triet builds all of the questions (Who did it? What are we missing? Why is the man nearly blind? What about the music? The aspirin?) into a solid maze. And the tension increases the closer we get to its core. Anatomy of a Fall (what a great title) deserved the Palme d'Or it won at this year's Cannes Film Festival. STRANGER SENIOR STAFF WRITER CHARLES MUDEDE
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Monday-Thursday)

Dream Scenario Past Event List
Fans of last year's Everything Everywhere All at Once will likely dig Dream Scenario, which continues A24's recent propensity for gonzo dream sequences and madcap visuals with a fun plotline: Nicolas Cage stars as a typical dude whose life flip-flops when he begins appearing in millions of people's dreams. If that sounds familiar, you're not wrong—it seems likely that the film was inspired by This Man, who allegedly began appearing in dreams back in 2006. Does this mean we'll start to see more flicks based on old memes, guerilla marketing tactics, and internet hoaxes? I'm here for it. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Monday-Thursday)

The Holdovers Past Event List
It's November. It's time to watch Paul Giamatti act his little heart out as a curmudgeonly educator at a New England prep school in the '60s, where a gaggle of students have been left behind on Christmas break. Honestly, though, have you ever heard a film premise that made you want to wear wool socks and drink apple cider more than this one? Plus, and perhaps most importantly, The Holdovers was directed by Alexander Payne, aka the guy who made Election and that movie about wine. It's going to be funny and charming!!! Enjoy. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Monday-Tuesday)

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé Past Event List
Gone are the days of desolate, post-COVID movie theaters—thanks in part to the holy trinity that is Greta Gerwig, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé. These queens have turned going to the cinema into high-profile events full of themed costumes, dancing, and audience participation. Queen Bey is the latest to jump on board with her self-directed Renaissance concert film. The concert film/visual album features footage from her record-breaking world tour and behind-the-scenes footage (in contrast to the epic "cinematic rendering" that is The Eras Tour Film). It's finally happening y'all, the queen is unleashing the visuals!
(Various locations, Thursday-Sunday)

Saltburn Past Event List
Emerald Fennell's latest film is nothing if not polarizing ("Saltburn is the sort of embarrassment you’ll put up with for 75 minutes. But not for 127," says the New York Times), but as the world's preeminent Barry Keoghan stan, I have to at least entertain the idea that it has legs. Saltburn is billed as a "wicked tale of privilege and desire" (oOoOo) that sees an Oxford student attempt to infiltrate the aristocratic world of a classmate on an "eccentric family’s sprawling estate." (Has anything good ever happened at a "sprawling estate?") If you like Agatha Christie and drugs, this one might hit. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Monday-Thursday)

Unstreamable: Drop Dead Gorgeous Past Event List
Your internet besties (former Stranger staff writer Jas Keimig and former editor Chase Burns) will present another flick that you can’t find anywhere online (legally, at least) as part of their ongoing project Unstreamable, which has blossomed from a column on Scarecrow Video's blog into a live screening series. Burns and Keimig, who've written "more than 350 (!) blurbs and reviews about offbeat, forgotten, and otherwise unobtainable pieces of cinematic history" (Matt Baume), will continue to share their exhaustive knowledge of lost media on the big screen. In Drop Dead Gorgeous, it's time for Mount Rose, Minnesota's annual teen beauty pageant, and Amber Atkins (played by the incomparable Kirsten Dunst) is poised to steal the show. But a series of weird incidents and tragic "accidents" turn the event into a darkly hilarious bloodbath. The mockumentary boasts a killer cast including Brittany Murphy (RIP), Denise Richards, Allison Janney, and Amy Adams. LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, Friday-Sunday)

Women Make Movies present: Queer Indigenous Shorts Past Event List
As the world's leading distributor of independent films by and about women, Women Make Movies supports women producers and directors who are "planting the seeds for a diverse and inclusive filmmaking landscape." Cool! This screening of three short films by queer Indigenous women creatives is a great introduction to what the organization does (and will likely introduce you to some filmmakers you weren't familiar with before). I'm intrigued by Mona Smith's Her Giveaway: A Spiritual Journey with AIDS, which "confronts the “official” invisibility of women, Native Americans, and lesbians with AIDS," and Shelley Niro's Honey Moccasin, a key entry in a "wave of films that examined Native identity in the '90s." LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, Wednesday-Thursday)


Li'l Woody's Fast Food Month Past Event List
For the month of November, local burger joint Li'l Woody's is cleverly recreating fast food favorites for its weekly specials. Catch the final day of the Taco Bell tribute Li'l Crunch Wrap (November 21-27) before the In-N-Out-inspired Woody's Style (November 28-December 4) rounds the out the series.
(Li'l Woody's, Capitol Hill, Monday-Sunday)

Miracle on 2nd Past Event List
In 2014, New York bar owner Greg Boehm temporarily transformed his space into a kitschy Christmas wonderland replete with gewgaws and tchotchkes galore. Now the pop-up has expanded to more than 100 locations all over the world and will be returning to Belltown’s Rob Roy this year. Beverages are housed in tacky-tastic vessels (a drinking mug resembling Santa’s mug, for example), bedecked with fanciful garnishes like peppers and dried pineapple, and christened with irreverent, pop-culture-referencing names like the “Bad Santa,” the “Yippie Ki Yay Mother F**r,” and the “You’ll Shoot Your Rye Out.” JB
(Rob Roy, Belltown, Monday-Sunday)

Sippin' Santa Past Event List
This holiday-tiki-themed cocktail bar pop-up (a spinoff of Miracle on 2nd at nearby Rob Roy) invites you to "imagine Santa on a surfboard instead of a sleigh and palm trees instead of pine." Drinks range from the "Merry Spritzmas" (Prosecco, aperitif, tawny port, cognac, lemon, falernum, fig preserves, and cardamom bitters) to the "Jingle Bird" (bourbon, pineapple rum, Campari, lime, pineapple, and "jingle mix"). JB
(Navy Strength, Belltown, Tuesday-Saturday)


alt-J: An Awesome Wave 10th Anniversary Show Past Event List
Despite the trends of 2013 feeling incredibly dated (galaxy print leggings, high-low hem skirts, men's v-neck shirts, overuse of the word "swag," etc.), ten years wasn't that long ago. That's why, when I saw that British folktronica trio alt-J was hitting the road on a 10-year anniversary tour for their debut album, An Awesome Wave, I had to double-check what year it was. Perhaps this tour isn't about nostalgia, but rather capitalizing on their most beloved album while lead vocalist Joe Newman still has that signature warbly, whiny voice. Sing along to hits like "Breezeblocks" and "Tessellate" after an opening set from Berlin-based indie rockers Meagre Martin. AV
(Showbox SoDo, SoDo, Friday-Sunday)


A Christmas Carol Past Event List
If the impending holiday season elicits your well-deserved "Bah, humbug," I recommend taking this dependable Yuletide delight for a spin. ACT's A Christmas Carol, returning for its 48th year(!!!), will offer up a little Dickensian magic with a bunch of intrusive ghosts and a notably grumpy old dude. What could be more Christmassy than that? LC
(ACT - A Contemporary Theatre, Downtown, Thursday-Sunday)

A Very Die Hard Christmas Past Event List
"Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs." Or you could head to this Die Hard musical parody, which blends the action classic with pure comedy (plus smooth jams and '80s style) for a snarky twist on the Christmas spirit. Yippee ki-yay, am I right!? Sketch writers from The Habit have teamed up with Seattle Public Theater for the production, confirming that no holiday season is complete without a few pesky German terrorists. LC
(Seattle Public Theater, Green Lake, Wednesday-Sunday)

Anna Luisa Petrisko: All Time Stop Now Past Event List
Strong candidate for coolest performance this month is interdisciplinary artist Anna Luisa Petrisko's All Time Stop Now, a "contemplation on listening, impermanence, and kinship" framed by recorded conversations between Petrisko and her best friend, a Buddhist nun. Petrisko will morph the stage into a "spacetime playground." Not sure what that means? Me neither, but it has something to do with "hypersaturated" video, projection mapping, sculpture, dance, and "mutant pop" music, so I'm 100% on board. The performance navigates a few specific questions: How can we reject the scarcity of time and just be present? How can we accept grief, while also experiencing joy? Head to one of the three shows to get your contemplation on. LC
(On the Boards, Uptown, Thursday-Saturday)

Little Women Past Event List
It's not easy to improve upon greatness, and to me, "greatness" is personified by the 1994 film Little Women starring the trifecta of perfection that is Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, and Kirsten Dunst. (No, not the Greta Gerwig one. I said what I said!!) But hey, this theatrical interpretation might change my mind. Based on Louisa May Alcott's courageous 1869 novel, which dared to envision an "unladylike" woman author who writes penny dreadfuls and rejects her rich hottie neighbor, this production of Little Women was adapted by playwright Kate Hamill. I am hoping to see Amy put a clothespin on her nose. LC
(Seattle Repertory Theatre, Uptown, Wednesday-Sunday)

Scott Shoemaker's War On Christmas! Past Event List
Scott Shoemaker (aka Ms. Pak-Man) will lead a gaggle of Seattle's most Yuletide-lovin' burlesque, music, and comedy stars in this subversive celebration of Christmas. Expect song and dance, utter hilarity, and partial nudity from this cast of cheery queerdos. LC
(Theatre Off Jackson, Chinatown-International District, Friday-Saturday)


Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show Past Event List
Urban Craft Uprising has blossomed from its humble, 50-booth beginnings in 2005 to become the largest indie craft event in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Offering a thoughtful alternative to mass-marketed holiday gifts and big box stores, the winter show will include all the resin earrings and chunky ceramics your heart desires, with artsy offerings from independent businesses like Salad Days, Crunch Supply, Confetti Time, and Snowmade. LC
(Seattle Center, Uptown, Friday-Sunday)


Calder: In Motion, the Shirley Family Collection Remind List
I was lucky enough to spot Alexander Calder's buoyant abstract mobile Lizard (Lézard)at the Palm Springs Art Museum last summer, and therefore must recommend you thrill your eyeballs with this exhibition, which traces the kinetic modernist sculptor's career from the '20s through the '70s. Calder: In Motion, which pulls from a collection gifted by museum patrons Jon and Kim Shirley, offers a non-chronological narrative of the artist's mobiles, stabiles, paintings, illustrations, and more with dynamic works installed throughout SAM's galleries (including its double-height gallery, with overlooks from the floor above). By the way, I hope you're into Calder, 'cause his work is here to stay: This show promises to usher in "a new era at SAM," which will include "ongoing exhibitions and programs centered around Calder and his legacy taking place in downtown Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Park, and through local and national partnerships." LC
(Seattle Art Museum, Downtown, Wednesday–Sunday)

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker Past Event List
It's The Nutcracker—you already know the premise, but it never really gets old, does it? Tchaikovsky’s magical score will spring to life again in this sugar plum-packed rendition of the longstanding holiday tradition, complete with mice, tin soldiers, and a timeless trip to the Land of Sweets. Let's say you're all Nutcrackered out, though. Here are some little-known facts that might entice you: The production's eight Polichinelle costumes are decked out with 640 black pom-poms, and there are 154 costumes in the show, not counting duplicates. The scenery is made up of 3,000 square yards of fabric, and 98 yards of faux fur were used to create the mice. (Personally, there's nothing like 98 yards of faux fur to get me into the holiday spirit.) LC
(McCaw Hall, Uptown, Friday-Sunday)

Mary Josephson: Plenty Past Event List
Just look at Mary Josephson's beaded tapestries. They are incredible. Don't you want to see them in person?! Seriously, this blurb almost writes itself. The lush foliage and color-drenched compositions of Josephson's visual world as supplemented by her generous material usage, and each piece seems to scream and shout in celebration of life, animals, and texture. Although her multicolored works are forces to be reckoned with, I'm equally intrigued by Jacobson's quieter etched glass pieces, which fill the frame with confident gestures. LC
(Traver Gallery, Downtown, Tuesday-Saturday; closing)

Renegade Edo and Paris: Japanese Prints Past Event List
Edo-period (1603–1868) Edo (present-day Tokyo) and fin-de-siècle Paris faced surprisingly similar challenges. A burgeoning middle class in Edo pursued hedonism in revolt of state-sanctioned marginalization, and their new hobbies created subject matter for ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world); when these images arrived in France, they amplified an anti-establishment joie de vivre and inspired artists like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec to grow more expressive. Renegade Edo and Paris: Japanese Prints, an exhibition of 90 ukiyo-e and Toulouse-Lautrec works, illustrates the shared "subversive" hedonism of both styles. Pleasure-seekers should go take a look. LC
(Seattle Asian Art Museum, Capitol Hill, Wednesday–Sunday; closing)

Well Well Projects: Companions Past Event List
This cross-city pollination invites eight artists from the Portland collective Well Well Projects to showcase work in Seattle, while Vestibule artists will install an exhibition in Portland. Guest curated by prolific creator Alyson Provax, Well Well's exhibition, Companions, displays works by more than half of the member-run gallery collective's members. The show "operates as a forest," meaning that the multimedia work presented helps "create an environment of unique species that have come together in ways both interdependent and at odds." Expect a wide range of mediums, including paper-cutting, collage, ceramics, and more. LC
(The Vestibule, Ballard, Thursday–Saturday)


Christmas Ship Festival Past Event List
Because nothing says Christmas like a giant ship covered in lights, the waters around Seattle will get a little more sparkly as Argosy Cruises' Christmas Ship docks in waterfront communities along the Puget Sound. Those who pay to hop aboard can enjoy holiday-themed food and drink, a community choir performance, and a reading of "‘Twas the Night Before Christmas" during the three-hour cruise. The 8th Annual Parade of Boats, where everyone is invited to deck their boats out in lights and join in on the fun, will take place on Friday, December 8, with a number of excellent shoreside viewpoints for us plebes who don't own boats. SL
(Various locations, Puget Sound, Friday-Sunday)

WildLanterns 2023 Past Event List
Grab some hot cocoa and get cozy with your friends, family, or Hinge date at this wintertime immersive experience full of giant glowing animal and nature scape lanterns, each representing flora and fauna from around the globe. Kids and those of us who are kids at heart will enjoy a magical snowy world in a polar regions exhibit, and marvel at brilliantly lit parrots and toucans in the Fine Feathered Friends zone. Arachnophobes might want to skip the Bugs and Blooms display, where vibrant flowers and giant spiders line your path (though we bet they won't bite). Let your imagination run wild in the Fantastical Folklore Realm as you search for mythical beasts from the white dragon to a pegasus. SL
(Woodland Park Zoo, Phinney Ridge, Tuesday-Sunday)

Winterfest Past Event List
Every holiday season, the Seattle Center transforms into Winterfest, where visitors will find seasonal decor, live performances on the weekends, and of course, the beloved miniature winter train and village. For the first time this year, we're getting a European-inspired outdoor Christmas market offering gifts from local and international vendors as well as tasty treats like glühwein and bratwurst. SL
(Seattle Center, Uptown, Monday-Sunday)

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