Chavisa Woods: 100 Times

This event is in the past
Thurs Aug 15, 2019, 7 pm
Elliott Bay Book Company Capitol Hill (Seattle)
Chavisa Woods's 100 Times: A Memoir of Sexism chronicles 100 instances of sexual assault, harassment, rape, and attempted rape perpetrated on the author from age 14 to her mid-30s. There were men who groped her breasts after she told them not to touch her, who kissed her after she rejected them (often several times), or who otherwise did some sexist shit. The fascinating, horrific but also sometimes hilarious story that emerges from the list is of a pacifist queer from rural Missouri transforming into "an extremely assaultive 'feminazi'" and then transforming again into a slightly less assaultive feminazi. She uses pseudonyms in all cases because her point isn't to call out the particular men she's met, but to show how common and widespread her experiences are. She hopes to find solidarity with other women who have similar lists, and hopes men "come away with a greater understanding of how sexism shapes women." She certainly achieves that goal, times 10.  by Rich Smith