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The Top 39 Events in Seattle This Week: May 20–27, 2024

girl in red, Northwest Folklife Festival, and More Top Picks
May 20, 2024
girl in red is doing it again, baby! (girl in red via Facebook)
We're supplying our top picks all the way through to Memorial Day, so read on for details on events from girl in red to Billy Joel and from Miranda July with Laurie Frankel to the Northwest Folklife Festival

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Cookbook Dinner Series at Delancey: Rooted Kitchen, Ashley Rodriguez Past Event List
Perhaps you've picked up a copy of the cult favorite mushroom field guide All That the Rain Promises and More or spotted Alexis Nikole's delightful foraging videos on YouTube before and thought to yourself that you'd like to try your hand at tracking down your own food in the wild. After all, we do live in the bountiful Pacific Northwest. Local food writer Ashley Rodriguez, creator of the award-winning blog Not Without Salt, is here to help your dreams become a reality with her newest cookbook, Rooted Kitchen, which contains a gorgeous collection of recipes that promise to help you connect to the natural world, along with preserving, fermenting, beginner foraging techniques, and mindfulness activities. She'll join the acclaimed pizzeria Delancey for a five-course spring meal inspired by the book, with wine pairings included. JB
(Delancey, Ballard)


Luis Alberto Urrea Past Event List
Noted "literary badass" (NPR) and Pulitzer Prize nominee Luis Alberto Urrea's The House of Broken Angels related the tale of a dying patriarch, his journey as a young man from La Paz to San Diego, the grudges and loves of his extended family, and his 100-year-old mother's funeral. The Mexican American writer's personal yet wide-ranging style was perfectly suited to the sprawling family epic. In his newest book, Good Night, Irene, Urrea draws from his mother’s experience in the Red Cross.
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)



Miranda July with Laurie Frankel: A Novel of Alluring Adventure Past Event List
Miranda July, a strong candidate for the coolest person ever born in Vermont, is also a novelist to be reckoned with—if you're into her vision at all, you've probably picked up The First Bad Man, No One Belongs Here More Than You., or It Chooses You already. The heroine at the center of July's latest novel, All Fours, is a 45-year-old artist staring down the rest of her life. I am not 45, but I am already anticipating the barrage of thoughts on monogamy, domesticity, bodily autonomy, and despair that one might face at that age. July tackles it all with her thrilling, freaky, and subtly comical voice. She'll be joined in conversation by novelist/essayist Laurie Frankel. LC
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)



My Straight Friends Past Event List
Are the straights okay? LGBTQ comics will chat gay culture with their hetero comic friends in this show, which spills the proverbial tea on the queer experience and permits the straights to ask their most pressing questions. Local millennial and sweet potato brownie critic Ricci Armani will be on deck with something giggle-worthy, too. LC
(Comedy/Bar, Capitol Hill)


Daisies Past Event List
Once banned in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the gleeful, surrealist '66 flick Daisies is chock-full of hedonistic splendor, revolving around two young women who shrug off stereotypes in pursuit of debauchery and pleasure. Who says anti-patriarchal antics can't be fun?! LC
(The Beacon, Columbia City)


Scoops at Stoup Past Event List
Ice cream and beer may not be a combo that immediately springs to mind when you think of iconic pairings, but why not? Stoup Brewing will aim to change your mind with the second edition of "Scoops at Stoup" event, which will feature the plant-based creamery Frankie & Jo's classic brown sugar vanilla flavor in fizzy, creamy floats made with your choice of Stoup's beer or root beer. Not into beer? An affogato option with coffee will also be available. JB
(Stoup Brewing, Capitol Hill)


Kathleen Hanna - Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk Past Event List
As a longtime student of Riot Grrrl, I've annihilated every piece of literature about the movement that I can get my paws on. Some favorites through my studies have included Sara Marcus's Grrrlsto the Front, Carrie Brownstein's Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, and Marisa Meltzer's Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music. Most of these music memoirs and anthologies include the story of the precocious Evergreen State College student Kathleen Hanna, who propelled the movement with the creation of feminist art space Reko Muse, and later, with the trailblazing feminist punk band Bikini Kill. Now, Hanna is telling her story in her own memoir, Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk. The book chronicles her life of activism, music, friendships, illness, love, and limitless amounts of determination. Hanna will be joined in conversation by writer (and former Stranger writer) Lindy West. AV
(Town Hall Seattle, First Hill)



Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Past Event List
Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!, NPR's Peabody Award-winning quiz show, will hit the stage with host Peter Sagal leading a team of comics, listeners, and celeb guests. I'm confident it will manage to be both hilarious and whip-smart. Expect an evening of stand-up that'll get you thinking, plus a refresher on recent news. LC
(Paramount Theatre, Downtown)


Melissa Broder Past Event List
If you're familiar with Melissa Broder's pitch-black humor in Milk Fed and The Pisces, you're probably reacting to the news of her new novel's release with trepidatious, nervous laughter. After all, this is an author who has no qualms writing about erotic merman fantasies, obsessive food rituals, and going no-contact with your mom. In Death Valley, Broder heads to a Best Western in California's high desert, where a woman has fled to escape a cloud of grief. On a nearby hike, she finds a towering cactus with a mystical gash-portal. (Envision a sweaty, sand-covered, and weirdly sexy version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Thanks, Melissa!) LC
(Elliott Bay Book Company, Capitol Hill)



Billy Joel Past Event List
When I was 14, no song captured my tornado of emotions quite like "Vienna" by Billy Joel. The track evokes the painful ambition of teenagerhood in a tone that isn't merely sad or happy, but earnestly reflective. I've since discovered that my love of this song isn't unique—there are approximately16 million TikToks that use the track (most of which are teenage girls). Gen Z's pop princess Olivia Rodrigo has also contributed to this new generation of fans with a name drop in her smash hit "Deja Vu" and appearances together. Riding the wave of this resurgence, Joel will swing by Seattle for the first time in eight years with his classics like "Piano Man" and "Uptown Girl," along with his first new song in 17 years, "Turn the Lights Back On." AV
(T-Mobile Park, SoDo)

Portugal. The Man with Bomba Estereo Past Event List
The Portland-via-Alaska transplants Portugal. The Man have made themselves easy for us Pacific Northwesterners to embrace with their infectious hooks, commitment to activism and philanthropy, and fierce support of the Portland Trail Blazers. And, love it or hate it, their 2017 earworm "Feel It Still" continues to ring through Top-40 radio. Don't miss the rock-pop ensemble as they stop by Carnation with songs from their latest album, Chris Black Changed My Life. The album features big names like Black Thought, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Edgar Winter. AV
(Remlinger Farms, Carnation)



Kinda Bookish Zine Festival Past Event List
If you already know what a risograph is, you're likely the target demographic for Capitol Hill art studio Six of Pikes' chill zine fest. Staged at their pop-up gallery space, visitors will be invited to flip through handmade zines and enjoy tunes and refreshments. The free event showcases works by Six of Pikes studio members alongside guest artists. Drop by and support local creators by picking up some DIY publications to peruse in the sunny weather. LC
(Six of Pikes Studios, Capitol Hill)


Mighty-O Tour de Donut Past Event List
As far as motivation to cycle around the city goes, doughnuts are a pretty good one. Hop on your wheels for a self-guided tour with stops at Mighty-O Donuts' locations in Ballard, Greenlake, Capitol Hill, and Denny Triangle, with mini doughnuts available at each outpost. Your tickets gets you a complimentary doughnut and drip coffee at the location of your choice, as well as a Tour de Donut T-shirt to flaunt your bragging rights. JB
(Mighty-O Donuts, Ballard)

Tour De Pints 2024 Past Event List
It's not too often in life that you can embark on an adventure where you don't know where you're going, which is why you might want to seize the opportunity to participate in the Tour de Pints. This boozy bike ride tour will commence at Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery and will then pedal around to four more mystery brewery stops, which will be revealed as the approximately 20-mile-long route progresses—the event promises "some old favorites and a few new stops as well" and that each stop will last around 45 minutes. You can also check out a Discord server to mingle with your fellow riders, volunteer to act as a support rider, or join the planning committee for next year. Donations are welcome but not required. JB
(Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, Greenwood)


Avril Lavigne: The Greatest Hits Tour Past Event List
One of my first concerts was a free Avril Lavigne show in the Southcenter Mall parking lot. Although I don't remember many details, I do remember that she played an unplugged set which I felt wasn't very "punk" of her (she's since self-identified as a "rock chick.") Now that I'm older and a little bit wiser, I would do almost anything to see a young Avril perform "I'm with You" and "Things I'll Never Say" on an acoustic guitar again. Luckily, she's heading out on a Greatest Hits tour this month to awaken the tie-wearing tween that lives inside all of us. Need even more nostalgia? Flippy-haired pop punk bros All Time Low are opening. AV
(White River Amphitheatre, Auburn)

Earshot Jazz Presents: Samara Joy Past Event List
In 2022, Samara Joy won the coveted Grammy for Best New Artist, beating out pop radio heavies like Latto, Måneskin, and Wet Leg—and for good reason! On her Verve Records debut, Linger Awhile, Joy puts her own spin on classic jazz standards, making a case for her to join the likes of Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday as Verve's latest jazz singing sensation. Don't miss your chance to catch a national jewel at the very beginning of her career (Joy is only 24 years old!) AV
(Benaroya Hall, Downtown)

Ride Past Event List
Ride's wash of swirly, noisy dreamscapes is the perfect opportunity to eat an edible and swim down the jangly river to Nowhere (their debut album is a near-perfect artifact of the '90s). While they'll likely play songs from the shoegaze masterpiece, anticipate their setlist to lean towards material from their latest album, Interplay. Neo-shoegazers Knifeplay will open. AV
(The Showbox, Downtown)



Akira Kurosawa's Dreams Past Event List
I first saw Akira Kurosawa's Dreams in a freshman film survey class—it was projected onto a giant screen, where I watched alongside hundreds of other students in the same lecture hall. At the risk of sounding corny, it was a moment in which I realized what film could really do, and it cut through the noise of aughts-era schlock and twee. The 1990 film unfolds in eight vignettes woven together with nods to Japanese folktales; there are fox weddings, warrior ghosts, radioactive landscapes, and even a Martin Scorsese cameo (he plays Vincent van Gogh). It's also one of Kurosawa's last, and most naturalistic, films. LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill)



Morgiana Past Event List
Based on a 1929 Russian novel, Morgiana is a florid, Freudian masterpiece of '70s Czech cinema that blends notes of Picnic at Hanging Rock's eerie femininity and Valerie and Her Week of Wonders' surreal excess. Iva Janžurová stars as not one but two hypnotic leading characters in the film fatale, one of whom is slowly poisoning the other. She somehow pulls this off while sporting enough makeup to make a clown blush. If that hasn't enticed you, the film also stars a cute Siamese kitty. LC
(The Beacon, Columbia City)



Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks Remind List
In my opinion, happiness could be defined as 200,000 Lego bricks arranged in "hands-on construction areas" for free play, and MOHAI's latest exhibition makes the dream come true. Towers of Tomorrow also features models of skyscrapers from all over the world, constructed by a real-deal "Lego-certified professional," Ryan McNaught. (Cool job alert!) Visitors can scope McNaught's plastic creations and imagine their own by adding to a futuristic Lego "metropolis" inside the exhibit. LC
(MOHAI, South Lake Union, Saturday-Monday; opening)


Northwest Folklife Festival 2024 Past Event List
Folklife started in the ’70s and you can still tell, in large part because it has somehow escaped the jaws of capitalism to remain a free community festival that’s open and welcoming to all. It's also full of buskers, drum circles, impromptu jam seshes, barefoot dancing, and faded tie-dye. You can explore dozens of stalls selling foods and crafts from around the world, check out workshops and lectures, or just hang out and soak up the vibes. It's very PNW granola, and I love it. SL
(Seattle Center, Uptown, Friday-Monday)


Evil Does Not Exist Past Event List
Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s follow-up to the Murakami-inspired Oscar winner Drive My Car follows a father and daughter who spend their days gathering wild foods for a local udon restaurant. Their livelihood might be threatened when a city agency plans to create a bougie "glamping" site not far from their rustic hamlet. (Fuck glampers, am I right?) Evil Does Not Exist won the 2023 Venice Silver Lion; I'm intrigued by the film's quiet, snowy cinematography and its naturalistic approach. LC
(SIFF Cinema Egyptian, Capitol Hill, Friday-Monday)

I Saw the TV Glow Past Event List
Nonbinary filmmaker Jane Schoenbrun's first feature-length flick, We're All Going to the World's Fair, was a creepy foray into the world of online horror gaming, following one teenager's descent into an increasingly unsettling fantasy. It stirred up positive reviews at Sundance, and solidified Schoenbrun as a director to watch. Lo and behold, Schoenbrun landed an A24 flick with I Saw the TV Glow, which documents a teen's investigations into an eerie, supernatural TV show. Fans of online wormholes and creepypasta shouldn't miss it. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Friday-Monday)

Paprika Past Event List
Psychotropic anime and manga auteur Satoshi Kon's Paprika imagines a wacky new piece of technology that allows therapists to observe the dreams of their patients. The gadget's creator, Dr. Atsuko Chiba, also moonlights as a "dream detective" named Paprika—cool job alert—but when the device is stolen by a "dream terrorist," nightmares and reality begin to merge. Paprika has been widely acknowledged as one of cinema's best animated films, and the flick reportedly inspired Christopher Nolan's Inception. LC
(Central Cinema, Central District, Monday-Wednesday)

Seattle International Film Festival 2024 Past Event List
SIFF will return for its 50th year with the best in international and independent cinema à la mode from across the globe, and you know the drill—the city's most well-recognized hybrid festival, which boasts hundreds of films from 84 countries and regions this year, will present screenings virtually and at SIFF venues citywide. Some standouts from this year's lineup include the June Squibb-fronted Thelma, the buzzy A24 drama Sing Sing, Ilana Glazer’s Babes, Jane Schoenbrun’s I Saw the TV Glow, and Harmony Korine’s infrared vaporwave nightmare Aggro Dr1ft.Stranger staffers watched and reviewed dozens of the festival's films here, if you want some help deciding what should make it on your to-watch list. LC
(Various locations, Monday-Monday)

The Old Oak Past Event List
This screening of The Old Oak will be presented in partnership with Red May, a "month-long spree of red arts, red theory, and red politics based in share in discussion and plot ways toward a world beyond capitalism."Likely the final film of Ken Loach's oeuvre, The Old Oak stays true to his observational social realist style with forthright anger and a hint of idealism. The film follows the happenings at a pub in a declining mining town, where owner TJ Ballantyne must reckon with the impact of newly arriving Syrian refugees. When TJ becomes friends with a Syrian photographer, the pair search for ways to relate to both communities. Proceeds from the May 15 screeningwill be donated to Long Haul Mutual Aid, which offers 120 meals to "unsheltered folks in Georgetown and SoDo, along with other essential supplies such as water, harm reduction, clothes, hygiene products, batteries, etc." LC
(The Beacon, Columbia City, Monday-Thursday)

Travessias Brazilian Film Festival 2024 Past Event List
Several University of Washington departments and curators Emanuella de Moraes, Livia Lima, and Calac Nogueira co-present this mini-festival, which returns each year with a fierce lineup of contemporary filmmakers from the largest South American country. This year, the three film programs (with feature and short films, documentary, fiction, and animation entries) "remind us to stay tuned to different forms of solidarity." Expect depictions of rural rebellion, Yanomami life, and Maxakali mythology. LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, Friday-Saturday)


Hood Canal Fjord Fest Past Event List
There’s a narrow annual window when sweet, delicate spot shrimp is in season, six to eight weeks max, and good news: Memorial Day weekend falls within it. Sure, you can get them at the upscale supermarkets in Seattle, but it’s so much better to find them at the source. The seaside hamlet of Brinnon, on the west coast of Hood Canal between Hama Hama and Quilcene, has a little food fest to celebrate the spot shrimp’s arrival each year–there are also bands and “other seafood,” and you can harvest clams and oysters with a license from the Department of Fish & Wildlife (only $17.40 online). STRANGER CONTRIBUTOR MEG VAN HUYGEN
(Hood Canal, Brinnon, Saturday-Sunday)

Seattle Beer Week 2024 Past Event List
Seattle’s craft-beer scene is always alive and bubbling with activity, but during Beer Week, that geeky enthusiasm gets kicked into high gear, with a stacked lineup of beer dinners, festivals, socials, pub crawls, and releases galore. A couple of this year's highlights include a wing sauce tournament at Queen Anne Beerhall on May 22 and Future Primitive's Queer Beer IPA release on May 23. JB
(Various locations, Monday-Friday)


girl in red Past Event List
Twenty-five-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie Ulven (aka girl in red) initially blew up on YouTube with picturesque music videos that showcase tearful bedroom pop tunes about heartbreak, mental health, and queer love. She will take the stage in support of her second album I'm Doing It Again Baby!, which features an appearance from pop angel Sabrina Carpenter. Don't miss an opening set from Juno Award-winning indie rock quartet the Beaches. AV
(Paramount Theatre, Downtown, Monday-Tuesday)

Illenium Past Event List
Ever since the Sasquatch! Music Festival called it quits in 2018, Billboard-charting EDM producer Illenium has carried on the torch, ensuring that music flows through the Gorge every Memorial Day weekend. He will headline both nights alongside electronic heavies like Kaskade, Two Friend, Blanke, KREAM, HVDES, Fairlane, Cinema Kid, GHENGAR, LEVEL UP, Bijou, Midnight Kids, and Paws. AV
(Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Saturday-Sunday)

The Kid LAROI Past Event List
Aussie rap prodigy the Kid LAROI will give the people what they want—catchy beats that flex a firm understanding of greats like Tupac and Erykah Badu—on the First Time tour, supporting his sophomore album of the same name. Don't miss opening sets from hyperpop artist Glaive and rising rapper/singer Chase Shakur. AV
(Showbox SoDo, SoDo, Wednesday-Thursday)


Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy 30th Anniversary Tour Past Event List
For those born in the 1990s, singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan's featherlight piano ballads may bring to mind heartbreaking images of sheltered animals gazing longingly into the camera. However, fans of Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, or Sinead O’Connor should consider revisiting her early work. McLachlan’s 1993 album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, is a true touchstone of ethereal folk-infused indie rock. She will celebrate the album's 30th anniversary alongside treasured indie pop artist Feist, who will be supporting her new album, Multitudes. AV
(Chateau Ste. Michelle, Woodinville, Saturday-Sunday)


Unrivaled Past Event List
Playwright Rosie Narasaki's historical comedy follows two enemy poets vying for political favor. Instead of taking the beef to Twitter, they've gotta find other ways to stay in the Empress's favor, because it's the 11th century. Ladies-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shonagon are the central subjects in Unrivaled, which is set against the backdrop of Japan's Heian period. The only thing I dig more than 800-year-old poetry is spicy love triangles, so sign me up. LC
(Seattle Public Theater, Green Lake, Thursday-Sunday)


Diego Cibelli: Fiori dei Miei Habiti (La Montagne Enchantée) Remind List
For an opportunity to feel fancy and cultured, I recommend contemporary artist Diego Cibelli's Fiori dei Miei Habiti (La Montagne Enchantée), a site-specific response to the Venetian great Giovanni Tiepolo's 1757 ceiling fresco The Triumph of Valor over Time. (You can peep the fresco in SAM's Porcelain Room beforehand.) Guest curated by cultural historian Christian Larsen, Cibelli's freestanding porcelain sculpture is a "mountainous peak," covered in swirled slopes and tumbling, transforming figures. LC
(Seattle Art Museum, Downtown, Wednesday–Sunday)

DREAM TEMPLE (for Octavia) Past Event List
Artists Mia Imani and Mayola Tikaka call upon the extraordinary visions of Octavia Butler for this installation, which features a low-lit resting space, an altar, and imagery of Black rest. Head to King Street Station to contemplate Butler's visionary worlds, which counteract intergenerational trauma and stress often experienced by Black people with a "portal of healing and imagining." By the way, Butler prophesized an eerily accurate, destabilized world in 2024, so Imani and Tikaka's rest space has arrived just in time. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can engage with rest rituals, hear interviews, and watch performances by the artists. LC
(King Street Station, SoDo, Wednesday-Thursday; closing)

Manifestations by June Sekiguchi Past Event List
June Sekiguchi's scroll-cut woodworking method makes her pattern-based sculptures and large-scale installations a very loopy experience. Addressing "cultural identity, cross-cultural exchange, and personal narratives through an interplay of surface pattern and structural form," Sekiguchi's latest show emphasizes her metaphorical approach and honors her source materials. (I'm stoked for her big, glowy hanging bug, Silkpunk Grasshopper Leg Transport.) LC
(King Street Station, SoDo, Wednesday-Thursday; closing)

Maria Phillips: at what point... Past Event List
Artist-educator Maria Phillips investigates collective responsibility, environmental consciousness, and depollution in her multimedia works, which stress the importance of "deceleration and the rejection of frenetic consumerism and production." Agreed, Maria! In at what point..., Phillips salvages reclaimed material and found objects to document time, change, and the cyclical nature underlying all things. She calls these transformed objects "pick-up portraits," prompting questions about climate disruption, reliance on plastics, and the insidious norms underlying production and consumption. LC
(Gallery 4Culture, Pioneer Square, Monday-Monday)

Sky Hopinka: Subterranean Ceremonies Past Event List
Sky Hopinka, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, descendant of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño people, and 2022 MacArthur Foundation grant awardee, blends English and "Indigenous dialects such as Chinuk Wawa, a revived Chinookan creole of the Pacific Northwest" in his ground-quaking works, which often layer elements of poetry, prose, and image to think carefully about language as a strong cultural force. I was honored to write about Hopinka's work back in 2019, so this solo exhibition—the artist's first in the Pacific Northwest—feels especially exciting. Subterranean Ceremonies includes four recent films and new photographs that "focus on personal and political notions of Indigenous homeland," inspired by transitory landscapes and Hopinka's own wanderings. LC
(Frye Art Museum, First Hill, Wednesday–Sunday; closing)

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