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25 Restaurants You Should Try For Spring 2022 Seattle Restaurant Week

Taku, Korochka Tavern, and More Places to Check Out from April 3-16
March 29, 2022
Celebrate Seattle Restaurant Week by diving headfirst into a bowl of dumplings from Korochka Tavern. (Korochka Tavern)
During the twice-yearly Seattle Restaurant Week, which runs from April 3-16, a slew of participating restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, caterers, and pop-ups across Seattle serve up to two special menus for $20, $35, $50, and $65 for lunch and/or dinner. Businesses may participate with indoor or outdoor dining, takeout, delivery, or meal kits, and many offer a "give a meal" option so diners can donate to their in-house community meal programs or to Good Food Kitchens. Over 200 restaurants are participating, so it can be daunting to figure out where you want to eat first. To narrow it down, we've rounded up this list of restaurants worth trying so you can make the most of this event—everywhere from Taku and Communion to Korochka Tavern and Kottu. We've also noted which ones have been designated as Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned, Black-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and/or family-owned, according to the official Seattle Restaurant Week guide. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.

Bakescapade Add to a List
Thanks to changes in recent years, pop-ups can now participate in SRW, and we're all for it. Pastry chef Karen Sandoval's up-and-coming pop-up specializing in scratch-made pan dulce will be slinging baked goods this year, and it's a great chance to try them out if you haven't made it to one of her events yet. Choose from a $20 box with strawberry mini conchas, Mexican chocolate mini conchas, orange cardamom polvorĂłnes (shortbread), and a blueberry mantecada (muffin), or a $35 box with strawberry, Mexican chocolate, and vanilla bean mini conchas, orange cardamom polvorĂłnes, and a strawberry rhubarb empanada.
Location TBD
Latinx-owned, women-owned

Biang Biang Noodles Add to a List
Named for the onomatopoeia of the sound of the noodles being slapped on the counter as they’re being made, biang-biang noodles are a type of Xi'an-style hand-pulled noodle characterized by their thick and chewy consistency. This Capitol Hill restaurant specializing in them will offer $20 menus for one person and $50 menus for two people, with options for noodles with mala spicy beef, stewed pork belly, spicy chicken, cumin lamb, mapo tofu, or vegetables, plus a choice of grapefruit or passionfruit iced tea or Hong Kong-style milk tea. The $50 menu also comes with a choice of green onion pancakes, vegetable spring rolls, or popcorn chicken.
Capitol Hill
Takeout, delivery, onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, family-owned

Bok a Bok
Winner, winner, chicken dinner: This rapidly expanding fried chicken chain, which incorporates Korean and Southern influences and has been featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, is offering poultry feasts for two or four, complete with a signature salad and one to two side dishes, at all five of its locations. 
Burien, Capitol Hill, Kirkland, University District, White Center
Pickup, delivery

Buddha Bruddah Add to a List
This spot, which puts an Asian twist on the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch, is an excellent destination for island flavors. Their SRW menu offers a $20 shared plate with drunken noodles, fried basil and garlic chicken, and vegetable spring rolls, or a $35 shared plate with garlic noodles, huli huli chicken with broccoli, and vegetable spring rolls.
Mount Baker
Pickup, delivery, onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-Owned, family-owned, women-owned

Communion Add to a List  and That Brown Girl Cooks! Add to a List  
Chef Kristi Brown of the celebrated catering business That Brown Girl Cooks and her son and business partner Damon Bomar opened their "Seattle soul food" restaurant Communion in the Central District last December. Brown was a James Beard Award semi-finalist Add to a List for the Emerging Chef category this year, and the restaurant has been named Seattle Met's Restaurant of the Year 2021 and Eater Seattle Awards' Best New Restaurant 2021, landed a spot on Condé Nast Traveler's Best New Restaurants in the World 2021 and the New York Times' Restaurant List 2021, and received a rave review from Stranger contributor Meg van Huygen. Their SRW menu has not yet been announced, but they will be offering take-home, reheat-ready meal kits.
Central District


Conversation Add to a List
In February, Kaleena Bliss, the executive chef at the downtown restaurant Conversation Add to a List , took home $40,000 Add to a List  after winning the finale of the Chopped: Casino Royale competition, which allows competitors to roll dice for a chance to switch up their basket ingredients. If you'd like to try out her prize-winning cooking for yourself, her $50 three-course menu for SRW includes roasted red beet hummus, carrot and sweet potato soup, masala roasted cauliflower, halibut, grilled pork collar, miso grilled eggplant, lamb and beef Bolognese, coconut panna cotta, dark chocolate custard, and seasonal sorbet.
Takeout, onsite dining

Crawfish King Add to a List
Megan van Huygen wrote, "Crawfish King in the International District has been around for almost a decade, on 8th and Lane, up by the freeway. It’s been carefully decorated to look like a Sea Galley, and their main thing is Cajun-style seafood boils. They offer all the usual shellfish characters—lobster, a few species of crab, mussels, clams, headless and headful shrimp, others—and you can pick one of their preordained shellfish combos or just assemble your own and pay per pound. They sauce it all up and dump it on the table (on a plastic tablecloth) and it’s a giant marvelous mess and will get in your hair and behind your glasses...We were dazzled by every single thing about this place and will probably be back for lunch, like, tomorrow."
Chinatown-International District
Takeout, onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned

Damoori Kitchen Add to a List
Looking for a date night idea? This Lebanese café and market will offer a $70 takeout menu for two with "Damoori dip" (harissa hummus and Lebanese pita bread), phyllo purses with spinach and caramelized onions, sheikh al mahshi (stuffed eggplant) with beef, and apricot and walnut baklava with rosewater syrup, plus a bottle of Adaris Aldea red wine blend to share.
Women-owned, family-owned

Eve Fremont Add to a List
This cozy Fremont spot has long been known as a champion of local food and for its nourishing seasonal fare. Their SRW menu has not yet been announced—we'll update here once additional details are revealed.
Takeout, onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned, women-owned

GarzĂłn Add to a List
In February, chef Jose GarzĂłn's Latinx street food pop-up GarzĂłn launched Add to a List a new permanent residency inside Belltown's Black Cat Bar Add to a List , serving some of its most popular dishes, such as lomo saltado, Cuban ropa vieja bowls, and an Argentinian chicken milanese sandwich. You can get a chance to scope out its food and drink specials from Wednesday through Saturday during SRW.
Takeout, delivery, onsite dining

How to Cook a Wolf
The name of this popular restaurant in Ethan Stowell’s lauded upscale Italianate restaurant empire is the title of an M.F.K. Fisher book, and the rustic cuisine is local/seasonal/delicious. The Madison Park and Queen Anne locations will each serve their own $50 menus, with dishes such as burrata, chicken liver mousse, pappardelle, gnocchi, New York steak, and chocolate amaretto cake.
Madison Park, Queen Anne
Takeout, onsite dining

Korochka Tavern Add to a List
In 2019, Meg van Huygen wrote of this Russian bar, "Korochka Tavern does Russian bites—primarily dumplings and pickled things—along with American-style cocktails that nod toward Eastern Europe. Co-owners Kendall Murphy, who grew up here, and Moscow-born Lisa Malinovskaya are besties who opened Korochka in 2016... Korochka is also very pretty, which I wanted to be mad about but can't. The gilded wallpaper, floral dishware, and dead bear on the wall are verging on twee, but the shop retains a cozy, unpretentious chill that's helped by the free Tetris machine and the geezers filtering in from the dives down the block." The bar was forced to leave its original Lake City location in 2019 after its lease was terminated, but has happily settled in a new location in Wallingford since then. Their SRW menu features a $35 dinner for two, with a plate of house-made pickles with dark rye bread and Bulgarian feta, Russian-style pelmeni or vareniki (dumplings filled with chicken and pork or potato and cheese), and two piroshkis of your choice (beef or cabbage). For $50, you can get the same meal with the addition of special cocktails. 
Takeout, delivery, onsite dining

Kottu Add to a List
Syd Suntha, an alum of several food trucks (including the well-known Skillet Add to a List ) and Rupee Bar Add to a List , recently launched Add to a List this Sri Lankan street food cart specializing in kottu roti, a dish consisting of diced roti stir-fried with scrambled egg, onions, chilies, spices, and optional meat and/or vegetables. During SRW, you can grab a $20 combo deal with kottu and gulab jamun (an Indian dessert made from fried balls of dough with milk solids and semolina, soaked in an aromatic syrup).
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned, family-owned

La Dive
Add to a List This hip Capitol Hill bar and bottle shop named for a famed wine festival in France offers a wide selection of natural wine, with a food menu of Eastern European-inspired nosh like potato pelmeni dumplings and sardines on toast. Don’t forget to check out the bathroom and take a selfie in the 360-degree mirror—The Stranger named it one of Seattle’s “best bathrooms for fucking” for a reason.
Capitol Hill
Takeout, onsite dining

The Mar·ket
Chef Shubert Ho's acclaimed Edmonds seafood restaurant The Mar·ket Add to a List , which has amassed a vocal following for its lobster and Dungeness crab rolls, opened a location inside the Seattle Art Museum Add to a List last October. Both the Edmonds and Seattle locations will be serving $20 two-course lunch menus with an appetizer and entree and $35 or $50 three-course dinner menus—and yes, the famous lobster and crab rolls are a dinner option.
Downtown, Edmonds
Takeout, onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned

Mamnoon Add to a List  and Mamnoon Street Add to a List
Mamnoon and its more casual South Lake Union sibling Mamnoon Street serve upscale, bold, and perfectly seasoned Lebanese/Syrian food, including a selection of delicious, freshly baked flat and leavened breads. Mamnoon's $65 SRW menu for two is inspired by the business's upcoming Kirkland restaurant Hanoon and features za'atar roasted carrots, caramelized onion labneh, broccoli and freekeh salad, and chicken musakhan (sumac braised chicken), while Mamnoon Street's $35 dinner special comes with braised lamb neck, radish and marinated feta salad, and trĂšs leches namoura cake.
Capitol Hill, South Lake Union
Family-owned, women-owned

This elegant Vietnamese/Pacific Northwest staple is celebrating SRW at both its Bellevue and Central District locations, with an ĂĄ la carte menu that includes dishes like green papaya salad, imperial rolls, catfish claypot, drunken chicken, lemongrass tofu, prawn curry, and banana cake.
Central District, Bellevue
Onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned, family-owned, women-owned

Nirmal's Add to a List
The Stranger's Tricia Romano selected Nirmal's as one of the best Indian restaurants in Seattle, writing, "There’s a dearth of good Indian food in Seattle; after eight years in New York, I was spoiled. But Nirmal’s in Pioneer Square is nearly as good as what you find in the Big Apple, maybe better. . .The food swerves left—there are dishes I’d never heard of (prawn phalnaire, goat roghni), most have strong distinct flavors, and the heat doesn’t drown out the dish, only enhances it. Costly, but worth it." The establishment's SRW menu features starters like samosas and murgh angare (grilled chicken leg meat marinated in chilis), curries like vegetable masala and nizami goat curry, and desserts like ras malai (soft chhena cheese patties with pistachios and spiced cardamom milk) and gulab jamun.
Pioneer Square
Onsite dining
Women-owned, family-owned

Omega Ouzeri Add to a List
The Stranger's Rich Smith has proclaimed Omega Ouzeri one of the best Greek restaurants in Seattle, writing in 2017, "I had some laudable toast points at Omega a few months ago. Besides that, this bright, casual spot on Capitol Hill offers up refreshing, semi-pricey Greek fare. The servers will non-pretentiously offer useful information about anise-spiked clear spirits that anchor their bar program, and the octopus is truly great. Go there with a friend, share a couple small plates and an entrée, and leave half-loopy in an ouzo cloud." The spot's $35 three-course menu for SRW is meant to transport you to Greece with dishes like chicken avgolemono soup, chicken souvlaki, grilled lamb kabobs, falafel, and chocolate baklava.
Capitol Hill
Onsite dining
Women-owned, family-owned

Rondo Add to a List
This bustling Capitol Hill izakaya has gained popularity for its Japanese mazemen (brothless ramen), ramen, teishoku (panko-breaded pork loin cutlets), bento boxes, and other delights. During SRW, step up your lunch game with their $20 "Rondo Shokado Bento" set—according to the bar's Instagram stories, more details about the menu are coming soon.
Capitol Hill
Takeout, onsite dining

Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned

Spice Waala
The Indian street food spot Spice Waala, which began its life as a farmers market stand, will serve a $20 lunch menu and a $35 dinner menu at both its Ballard and Capitol Hill locations.
Ballard, Capitol Hill
Takeout, delivery
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned, family-owned, women-owned

Taku Add to a List
James Beard-nominated chef Shota Nakajima has made waves since becoming a fan favorite on Top Chef: Portland. His highly in-demand bar and restaurant Taku, inspired by the street food of Osaka, highlights the marinated, battered, and twice-fried chicken karaage he grew up with. Taku's SRW menu for two comes complete with two glasses of sparkling wine or hard seltzer, soy-glazed cheese and potato mochi, steamed edamame with umami salt, "General Shota's" chicken, ham and egg fried rice, and Taku rice pudding, all for $50.
Capitol Hill
Takeout, onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned

Toulouse Petit
Leilani Polk wrote, "Seattle's other noteworthy Cajun-Creole restaurant has a more extensive menu than what you find at French Quarter Kitchen, minus the absinthe, and plenty of what you find on it is delicious (try the jambalaya)...After dark is a fine time to visit—the candles placed on the walls all around the room are lit, filling the place with a dreamy, flickering orange glow." The spot will be offering two-course $20 and $35 lunch menus for Restaurant Week, featuring options like fried chicken and andouille gumbo, jambalaya, po' boys, buttermilk beignets, and more, as well as three-course $35, $50, and $65 dinner menus with choices such as oysters, pan-seared sea scallops, Creole blackened wild Alaskan king salmon, Wagyu sirloin steak, and pear and walnut bread pudding.
Queen Anne
Onsite dining

Vendemmia Add to a List
Like chef and owner Brian Clevenger’s other restaurants, the critically acclaimed Vendemmia features handmade pastas, with a heavy emphasis on seasonal vegetables (the place takes its name from the Italian word for "harvest"). For SRW, they'll feature a three-course $35 menu of octopus, panzanella, beef shanks, steelhead, gnocchi, buttermilk panna cotta, and blood orange hibiscus sorbet, plus optional wine pairings.
Onsite dining

The Stranger's Angela Garbes wrote in 2016, "It was pouring rain the day I visited Yoroshiku, and as I slurped my way through a bowl of spicy miso ramen ($13), I couldn't think of anything I'd rather be eating. Every spoonful of broth—salty, nutty, and just a little bit funky—was also fiery, but in a smoldering kind of way, building as I worked my way through the dish. Rich, buttery slices of chashu (braised pork belly) offset the heat, as did sweet yellow-corn kernels and a scattering of crunchy sesame seeds." The restaurant's spring SRW menu includes the very same spicy miso ramen, as well as several other varieties and three exclusive specials: maguro dashi ramen, spicy wagyu ramen, and creamy pumpkin ramen. If you're feeling luxe, there's also a $50 Wagyu uni truffle ramen. End your meal with castella cake, a haupia parfait, or matcha tiramisu.
Takeout, delivery, onsite dining
Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned

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